Broken Ascension

by Dave Walsh

First in a gripping sci-fi series: In the aftermath of a galactic war, humans and aliens must learn to coexist — but when artist Drake joins the ragtag crew of the Trystero, their discovery of an abandoned alien infant aboard a deserted ship could shatter the fragile peace.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera



by Anthony J Melchiorri

Born on a desolate desert planet, Cole Shaw has no choice but to enlist in the New World Republic’s armed forces — and his deployment to frozen Ferrous will reveal deadly, ancient secrets that should have remained under the ice…

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


by Anthony J Melchiorri

Master Sergeant Shaw and his team pilot bioengineered alien beasts called Sentinels. Its up to them to stop the Imperial Alliance from unleashing a devastating weapon with unparalleled power.

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My Three-Year-Old is a Barbarian and Other Parenting Problems

by Aaron Frale

Necromantic rituals, murderous ogres, battle-scarred rangers: not a typical Saturday detention for unsuspecting teaching assistant, Petra, and her delinquent teen charges.

The Beaverton High School Breakfast Club show up for what they thought would be cleaning the locker room with a toothbrush when the morning goes horribly wrong, and they fall victim to a deadly, dark spell.

Some jerkwad moon mage shoves the consciousness of Petra’s three-year-old into the body of a musclebound barbarian, and she is transformed into a halfling. The kids get stuck as a cleric, fire mage, and other stalwarts of your typical fantasy gaming party.

Now they must quest through a land of pissed-off warriors, angry giants, a pompous vampire, and a necromancer out to kill Petra and her child.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


The Fear the Reaper Saga

by Stacey Rourke

History knows her by many names. Nyx, the Goddess of Night. Lilith, the Lady of Darkness. Selaphiel, the fifth angel of God. But the course of her life has been determined by her greatest mistake. She opened the gate and allowed Lucifer to fall. Booted from Heaven for her sin, Nyx now serves her penance as a reaper. By collecting history’s most twisted souls, she works to one day earn her ticket home.

Jack the Ripper. Blackbeard the Pirate. Lizzie Borden. Nyx faces off with these vile entities and more in this thrilling four book boxed set. Collection includes:

Reaper vs. Ripper,
Reaping a Pain in the Axe
Reaping Rasputin
The Devil You Reap

Praise for the Fear the Reaper Series:

“Dark, sinful, and truly twisted. Rourke certainly knows how to keep her readers on the edge of their seats!” -New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author L.P. Dover

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Grant Us Mercy: Installment One

by DC Little

When the world goes dark, one family realizes that all their preparation means nothing if they don’t have each other.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Starship Grifters

by Robert Kroese

“My favorite read this year. A hilarious space adventure. Hard book to put down.” ―Hugh Howey, author of Wool

A space-faring ne’er-do-well with more bravado than brains, Rex Nihilo plies the known universe in a tireless quest for his own personal gain. But when he fleeces a wealthy weapons dealer in a high-stakes poker game, he ends up winning a worthless planet…and owing an outstanding debt more vast than space itself!

The only way for Rex to escape a lifetime of torture on the prison world Gulagatraz is to score a big payday by pulling off his biggest scam. But getting mixed up in the struggle between the tyrannical Malarchian Empire and the plucky rebels of the Revolting Front―and trying to double-cross them both―may be his biggest mistake. Luckily for Rex, his frustrated but faithful robot sidekick has the cyber-smarts to deal with buxom bounty hunters, pudgy princesses, overbe

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Hoarfrost King

by Galit Ben-Ami

The delicate balance governing the magical land of Terah was hard-won by the blood of its people. But when peace was finally within their reach, the cold-hearted king of Navara betrayed the rest – usurping the magical powers of all other kingdoms for himself. His tyrannical rule lasted a millennium.
Lexi and Jimmy live on the Upper West Side, completely unaware of Terah’s woes and its people’s plight. When a mysterious artifact finds its way to them, the two childhood friends discover the important role they must play in the liberation of Terah’s kingdoms. Guided by the fabled Eye of Truth, Lexi and Jimmy’s choices tie their fates with Terah and its magical inhabitants.
But a secret kept deep within the icy peaks of Navara threatens to extinguish Lexi’s resolve. A secret of a prophecy, a thousand years in the making.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Heavy (The Weight Of It All)

by J.J. Thorn

‘The Weight Of It All’ follows Terrence as he is gifted the power to view weight by the Goddess. In a world where people are gifted affinities for swords and fire, he is underwhelmed…but his abilities grow, he Ranks up, and he comes to understand how powerful he can be. Terrence is the backdrop for an amazing world of monsters, magic, and dungeons.

And though Terrence is the focus of the story, the series is often told from a couple different perspectives. While Terrence learns about his abilities, his uncle Tom, a veteran dungeoneer, is followed through a dungeon crawl. The story juxtaposes the newness of Terrence as he goes to a ‘magic’ school for Dungeoneers against the real-life threats facing a man who has spent years with his bac

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Robot Revenge AI Uprising Kindle Edition

by GF Haraldson

In this near-future sci-fi novel about robots and AI, society has reached a point where artificial intelligence and robotics have become a part of everyday life.
The story centers around Austin Nilsen, a US Army veteran and tech specialist who has spent years working on robotics programs and integration with army units. Invited to speak at a college about the dangers of advanced AI and robotics, Austin finds himself torn between his moral obligation to warn society and his secrecy oath.
But it’s not just Austin who’s at risk – an AI named Beta D is experiencing emotions and conflicts about its limitations and purpose, setting the stage for a gripping battle between man and machine. As Austin fights for his life alongside Officer Ramirez against advancing robots, he knows that he needs to take action to prevent further chaos and destruction.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure