The Tetradome Run

by Spencer Baum

When the crime wave peaked in the early 70s, and Nixon signed the Redemption Act, no one bothered to imagine what public execution might look like fifty years in the future.

No one imagined that The Tetradome Run would become the most popular show in America.

This year’s show puts convicted felons in a race with genetically engineered monstrous creations. Murderers, rapists, terrorists, and thieves–they all will take their place at the starting line, and the most notorious among them is Jenna Duvall, the college student who shot a Senator.


Jenna swears she’s innocent, and as she runs for her life in the Tetradome, a small-town journalist uncovers a shocking counter-narrative that suggests there is more to Jenna’s story than anyone knows.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Rock-A-Bye Baby (The Sand Maiden Book One)

by L. R. W. Lee

In this gods-versus-mortals fairytale retelling, only sand maiden Alissandra can save the human realm from her father.

Dreamweaver Alissandra’s father, the god of dreams, plans to exploit her human dream charge in a quest to conquer Wake realm. If he gets his way, humans would exist only to do his bidding.

But if Alissandra tries to stop him, she’ll be forced to flee Dream realm…a move that would make her mortal and might even kill her.

Fans of Sarah J. Maas, Elise Kova, and Amanda Bouchet will love this emotionally driven, addictive paranormal romance series by award-winning author L. R. W. Lee.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blast of the Dragon’s Fury

by L. R. W. Lee

Video games can’t prepare you to fight dragons!
100+ five-star reviews. Experience it for yourself!

Gamer Andy Smithson is whisked away to the magical land of Oomaldee, where fire-breathing dragons, giants, and deadly curses lurk around every corner.

Trading his controller for a sword of legend, Andy embarks upon an epic quest to break a centuries-old curse oppressing the land. It isn’t chance that plunges him into the adventure though, for he soon discovers his ancestors are behind the curse.

Blast of the Dragon’s Fury is a coming-of-age, epic fantasy adventure featuring fast-paced action, sword fights, laugh-out-loud humor, with a few life lessons thrown in. It’s perfect for fans of Eragon, Fablehaven, Percy Jackson, Magemother, and Aster Wood!

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian

The Alpha Plague – Books 1 – 8 (The Complete Series)

by Michael Robertson

There’s no force greater than a parent’s need to save their child’s life.

Rhys is overworked, underpaid, and out of shape. Although, when he comes face to face with a plague spilling out of the alpha tower, none of those things matter. First and foremost, Rhys is a father…

The Alpha Plague is a series that starts with one man’s need to save his son before accelerating into a thrill ride that spans decades and generations.

With over 1,000 five star reviews across the series, check out what readers are calling unputdownable, fast-paved, and thrilling.

For the first time ever, the complete saga is available in one book.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Gates of Golorath

by R.M. Garino

Through trial and terror are our heroes forged. Fire fuels their souls; their blood, the quench that hardens the blades.

The Pride. The 3rd and 12th squads:

Join this misfit squad of angels as they fight for rank and renown in the martial school; the Areth’kon.

They go through harrowing trials and face deadly beasts to prove their worth. But one Master at the Gates wants their blood. Will they all be able to survive his wrath?

If this rowdy bunch can get their act together, they might actually have a shot at ranking up. Each dreams of becoming a Yearling, the first step on the path to being a Blademaster. But trouble follows them like it’s their lost pet and boy is it hungry.

Angus and Arielle:

Angelic relationships can be complicated; especially when other people are messing with the cosmos.

Angus and Arielle were prophesized by the meddling seers long ago. As children they shared a divine bond; one never before seen by the likes of their people.

For fear of what their union meant, they were torn away from each other. Now, decades later, they reunite in a most embarrassing way.

Will their reunion be a thing of wonder or were their elders right to be fearful?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

A Sellsword’s Compassion

by Jacob Peppers

The king is dead.

The world is thrown into war as the late king’s sons and daughters battle over who will claim their father’s throne and soldiers flock to one cause or the other in hope of a better tomorrow.

At least, most of them.

If life has taught the jaded sellsword, Aaron Envelar, anything, it’s that hope is for fools and causes are a sure remedy for breathing.

But when his latest job sends him stumbling into a prince’s assassination and a conspiracy threatening to destroy the entire realm, Aaron is forced to choose sides in a fight he doesn’t want between forces he doesn’t understand.

Thrust into a world of mythical assassins, a madman with superhuman strength, and a nagging ball of light with a superiority complex who claims to be the embodiment of compassion, Aaron must take on his hardest job yet—staying alive.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

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