The Boy who Lit up the Sky

by J. Naomi Ay

After a thousand years of war, the Mishnese and Karupta have made peace by wedding the Mishnese Princess Royal to the Karupta Crown Prince. Their son whose birth was foretold ten centuries ago is destined to rule the entire planet and end the wars forever. But, the Princess and the baby have died during childbirth or so it was said. In the meantime, a strange half-breed infant boy is left at an orphanage with a purse full of gold coins.
Thus begins the tale of Senya, a prince created to be king of a planet but tossed aside until his twelfth birthday when a Royal Guard detective is sent to retrieve him.  It is unclear to all whether Senya is the product of something good or something evil, but in either case, it is very apparent that he is something more than just a lost boy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire



2:20 (#1 Timeless Trilogy)

by Holly Hook

All 17 year old Julia remembers from more than a year ago is falling through the dark with a mysterious dark-haired boy. With her foster mom and sister, she’s tried in vain to recover her memories. Her falling nightmare returns each night, and she always wakes from it at 2:20 a.m.–the same time she appeared on the porch of her foster home.

Then the dance goes terribly wrong and Julia learns she’s somehow in the wrong time and that her falling nightmare is a glimpse into her real, and dangerous, past. Worse, she’s being tracked by a group of immortals called the Timeless, who want to send her back into danger to keep the flow of history in order. Julia must avoid the trip at all costs and learn where she’s truly from, because if the Timeless catch her, she will die.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel



Web of Hearts and Souls

by Jamie Magee

This isn’t the love story you know…
A powerful thought-provoking story that reaches across realms, life and death, love found and lost, and the classic battle of the darkness invading us all.
“A richly original telling of the meeting of two souls.”

This compelling series starter set has over 4,000 favored reviews!

Two souls made of one, divided by time, and reunited within their dreams. Worlds stand between them now, but fate is their guiding light, one glance bound them, one touch empowered them. Now, they have no choice but to finish the war they started lifetimes before…or they will lose it all.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary



Where Wolves Talk: A Fantasy for Animal Lovers

by D. L. Lewis

A thrill-seeking young cat travels to a world filled with animals, monsters, adventure, and magic. His challenge: destroy the personified source of all evil. Not an easy task for a tiny kitten . . .

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary



Cornered Magic

by Charissa Dufour

Sam, a half-fae Void, is ostracized by her own people, much less the humans who control her home—the Illinois Mystical Reservation. Packed into the Reservation with vampires, werewolves, faes, and mages alike, Sam does her best to travel below the radar, but when her only friend asks for her help she can’t say no. Her work to solve a fae’s murder brings her to the forefront of vampire politics, and changes her life forever.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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