Storm Dragons: an Epic Fantasy Cinenovel

by L.S. Reis

To ensure that the horrors of war would not return, the priests created a sacred order, the Storm Dragons, warriors prepared from childhood, for one single purpose: never to be defeated and thus preserve peace. For centuries they have fulfilled their mission.

However, an ancient prophecy is about to take place: the Immortal will be revealed, hauling the Dragon Champions through the gates of death, bringing the ultimate war and the end of the Three Nations. At the same time, the priests have visions of the birth of Zairos, a warrior whose choices can change the fate of the world.

But when an old enemy returns to take it all from him again, Zairos divides himself between duty and revenge, on a path that can unleash the immortal forces of the ancient prophecy in an unprecedented war, destroying everything he has sworn to protect.

Experience now this awarded and thrilling epic saga.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Siren’s Song

by Heather Kindt

When an illustrious member of the Red Shadow shows up on her doorstep, Catron cannot believe he’s recruiting her to train at the Vradian Academy. It’s a school that’s for the land’s elite. As a glass blower’s daughter, she doesn’t feel worthy.

Fivlon would rather gouge both of his eyes out with an iron stick than attend the academy. Messing around with his friends is a lot more fun than attending school with a bunch of stuck-up future leaders. Following in his father’s footsteps as the head of Ferox isn’t a priority. Until one of his friends disappears.

When others begin to disappear from the school, Catron and Fivlon must put aside their differences to take on a new foe: sirens determined to make the academy their hunting grounds.

The Vradian Academy is a spin-off prequel to Kindt’s popular Eternal Artifacts series.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Grove

by Karri Thompson

Entering the woods is forbidden. To go in can mean a fate worse than death. At least that’s what seventeen-year-old Laura has been told. But living in a new town with nothing to do, she ignores her mother’s dire warnings and explores the forest near her home.
The trees entice Laura deeper into the woods. A mysterious, soothing voice calls her name, and she becomes lost. When a young man finds her, she thinks she’s saved. But he insists their meeting is more than a coincidence. For centuries, his colony has been waiting for a savior. With his alluring eyes and gentle smile, Laura almost believes his crazy story.
Caught between worlds, and with her life at stake, she doesn’t know who to believe or trust. Her heart tells her one thing and her head another.
Is it her destiny, or will her fate only postpone the inevitable?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Far Beyond Destiny

by Stephen C. Perkins

The biggest lies are often the most seductive…and the deadliest.
Humanity’s future inside the cube promises peace and eternal serenity.
But will heaven on earth resemble paradise or purgatory?
When Sam Yalta Booth – a black magician disguised as America’s most wealthy charismatic media mogul – offers humanity a technological simulation of utopia, the entire world except for three heroic young avengers aided by Booth’s mysterious nemesis will be utterly deceived.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Interstellar Brides Program Boxed Set – Books 9-12

by Grace Goodwin

4 novels from USAT Bestselling author Grace Goodwin in her world-wide, bestselling INTERSTELLAR BRIDES® universe!

Her Mate’s Secret Baby: A mate lost to battle, but found again. Plus their secret baby.

Mating Fever: A human fighter on a secret mission. An Atlan whose inner beast has found its match. Who will win this fight?

Her Viken Mates: Their complete dominance will either break her…or set her free forever.

Fighting For Their Mate: No matter the risk, they’re willing to sacrifice everything…and fight for their mate.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by J. D. Edwin

An alien game show. A deadly challenge. The fate of the world is on Astra’s shoulders.

Twenty-five-year-old Astra Ching has never sought the spotlight. So when a mysterious black orb appears with a challenge for Earth and selects her to compete in its strange—and very public—game, she’s not pleased to find herself a sudden superstar.

The rules are bewildering, and there are no second chances for losers. While Astra fights to stay alive, the people of Earth are more interested in tabloids and gossip, like her theorized love affair with a celebrity contestant . . . or the mysterious alien known only as Eleven.

As the global gossip seeps into the game and contestants are eliminated with each round, Astra’s celebrity threatens to become infamy and the line between friend and foe blurs.

Will she emerge from the arena a hero, or just another headline?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Hammers in the Wind

by Christian Warren Freed

Exiled millennia ago, the dark gods have tirelessly sought to return and bend the world of Malweir to their will. Their agents roam the world in search of weak willed men. Only through corruption and chaos can their masters return. It begins in the northern kingdom of Delranan the night King Badron’s castle is attacked and his only son murdered and his daughter kidnapped. Angered, he leads his kingdom to war against the neighboring Rogscroft. A small band of heroes is assembled to find the princess and return her safely but all is not as it seems. Badron falls under the sway of the Dae’shan, immortal agents of the dark gods, and unwittingly begins the final campaign that will reduce Malweir to willing servants of evil. It begins in Delranan.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery