Forced Compliance

by Bradford Bates

We thought vampires had been extinct for thousands of years.
We were wrong.

Captain Drake was the kind of smuggler that would take any job that needed to be done. That was as long as you had the credits and didn’t mess with his crew. Now one of those very crew members had been taken, and Drake would stop at nothing to find her.

Samantha Ripley only wanted one thing, she wanted to get off Hyperion Four. For the last four years, she had dedicated herself to nothing but flight school. Her graduation was so close diner could almost taste it. A chance encounter as she finished her shift at the diner was going to change everything.

The two of them were separated by a universe of stars, but their lives would intersect like two colliding comets, and the results would shape the future of the verse itself.

When Firefly meets Underworld, a new legacy is born.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Double-Sided Magic

by McKenzie Hunter

Once my kind were the hunters—now we are the hunted.

Supernaturals are out of the closet but I have to stay hidden because of the type of magic I possess. I’m a Legacy. It sounds like the title should come with reverence, a trust fund, or at the very least a cool backstory—instead it comes with a death sentence.

I have to hide in plain sight and pretend to be just human. I’m pretty good at it. Everything’s going fine until a dangerous and enchanted dagger that was once in my possession is stolen. I didn’t think things could get any worse until I woke up next to three dead supernaturals without any memory of the past twenty-four hours.

To clear my name I must work with Gareth, the leader of the Supernatural Guild. If he’s as good as rumored, it’s only a matter of time until he discovers the truth about me—then being found guilty of murder is the least of my worries.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Gate Run

by Elina Vale

Shri Moongale wants to be free. She wants to see the world and its wonders but she is a slave, captivated inside the Pit, living the life of a slave. She sees the huge tower Spike’s peak above the walls and knows that all her dreams could come true there. There, she could learn to do magic.

Her only chance is to enter the cruel game called the Gate Run.

When she steps through the Gate One, she will meet exotic, terrible monsters, assured pain, betrayal, and a set of golden brown eyes…
They say that no woman has survived the Run, and nearly every man who enters, dies. To turn dreams into reality, all must be risked.

Will Shri Moongale make it through the Gate Run? Will she become what she is destined to become and challenge the evil brewing inside the Spike?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Incite Insight

by Robert New

While investigating why a victim’s brain has melted, a Detective uncovers an intelligence raising program that transforms his thinking. He discovers and joins a secret group who are plotting to change the way the world is run. Will he help them change the world?

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary



by Harule Stokes

Genetically superior to any normal human, trained for combat and sent into a virtual warzone, Joseph Marshall is tasked with solving a murder mystery. Teamed with a super-soldier that cannot die, but may be going insane, Joseph has to keep his wits about him. The last thing he needs, is to fall in love… with the enemy.

Previously $6.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian



by MH Johnson

Waking up in a land exotic and strange after his foolproof plan backfires, Sorn and his cousins discover a world where trade is king and wily merchants, clever captains, and powerful nobles are all in the game. Sorn was sure everything would be okay. Four young dragons embracing the world of trade. What could possibly go wrong?

Previously $0.99

Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


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