Double Edged

by Jessie Kwak

The line between friend and foe is getting blurry—and that’s where the fun begins.

Willem Jaantzen has everything he could ever ask for: his goddaughter is safe, his businesses are thriving, and the upper crust of Bulari seem to have finally forgotten his notorious past. Until, that is, his oldest rival turns up murdered and the blame—and champagne—begins to flow.

It turns out Thala Coeur died as she lived: sowing chaos. And when a mysterious package bearing her call sign shows up on Jaantzen’s doorstep, he and his crew are quickly swallowed up in a web of lies, betrayals, and interplanetary politics.

It’ll only take one stray spark to start another civil war in the underworld, and Jaantzen is the only man who can stop it. If, that is, he’s willing to give up everything he’s worked for.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Order of Chaos

by Ben J Henry

Alicia’s younger brother has been missing for two years. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she finds a book in her parents’ bedroom containing a list of names, including a boy who drowned at her school. How far is her mother prepared to go to return David to the family?

While lucid dreaming, Alicia enters a realm where survival depends on the strength of your will. A young man named Ryan leads her through a series of tests to determine whether she is ready to face those responsible for David’s disappearance.

The Order of Chaos is the first in a speculative trilogy for young adults and adults young at heart. Fans of The Hunger Games and His Dark Materials are invited to follow Alicia beyond the waking world, where thoughts and insecurities are laid bare. When we fall asleep, where do we go?

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


The Keystone

by Seren Goode

“Sixteen years as a nomad…

I used to love it, just the three of us, a team, moving to the next adventure. Now, when my dad changes jobs like some people change underwear, it just gives me a stomachache.”

Grace Thompson is used to moving—and losing. She’s already lost her mother, her home, and any hope for a normal life. But when her father is abducted from the streets of San Francisco, Grace is determined to get him back. She thinks she is alone until she meets four strangers whose parents went missing at the same time. The teens work together to track down the clues to their parents’ pasts with only an alien stone to guide them. With the kidnappers closing in, the only way to save them is to unravel the secret her mother died to protect her from.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Fae King’s Dream

by Jamie Schlosser

The first time I meet Damon, he rescues me from a nightmare. Literally. I’m stuck in a coma, and my mind is forcing me to relive the horrific accident that put me in this state over and over again. The gorgeous fae king is the only one who can give me peace.

As if the dream can’t get any weirder, he tells me we’re soul mates. He says he can fix my banged-up brain. He wants to be my hero.

Little does he know, I just might end up saving him. Because once I wake up, the real challenge begins. A bunch of vengeful witches want him dead, and they’ll stop at nothing to seal his fate.

But I’ve got plans of my own. The coven has caused too much tragedy, and I’ll defend my newfound love, even if it’s the last thing I do. And it just might be, because if Damon doesn’t survive, neither will I.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Replaced Parts

by Stephanie Hansen

In the year 2163 a corrupt World Government controls everything on our planet and beyond.

Sixteen year-old Sierra has been so caught up in her own world of saving animal test subjects and her father’s disappearance, she hasn’t paid much attention. When she finally finds his location, she and her friend set off on a covert interplanetary mission to rescue him, she begins to see the corruption first hand.

Discovering that her father has been on the front lines secretly trying to save human test subjects inspires her to join a revolution. But she is afraid of the collateral damage of hurting the people she loves. Will she find the strength to make a deal with the mad scientist Cromwell to save not just her friends and family but everyone?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Siren Calls

by Jade Frances

A search for answers. A long-held secret. A call to destiny.

If you knew your life was about to change for better or possibly a lot worse, would you still go looking for answers?

Evangeline, newly turned eighteen, is free in the world, with a burning desire to unravel the mysteries of her past. What she unlocks changes her life forever.

The Fates take her out of the only world she has ever known and into the lives of the Gifted. But a war has been brewing, and Evangeline is not only in the center of it, but has been her entire life. It seems that the only way to survive, is to harness the power she wields and use it to stay one step ahead, and alive.

Is finding out who she was all she ever dreamed of, or were the nightmares that have plagued her for the past ten years about to become all too real?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


By Earth

by T Thorn Coyle

The new witch in town. A man with ghostly baggage. To protect her new home, Cassiel must battle corruption with magic.

Cassiel moved to Portland to escape the literal ghosts of her past. But when the nervous witch meets a handsome construction worker named Joe, the last thing she wants is to get an earful from the guy’s dead girlfriend. As Joe’s ghostly former squeeze shares a conspiracy theory about evictions throughout the town, Cassiel can’t hide her shock when she gets her own notice to pack her bags…

With the help of a local coven, Portland’s newest witch must discover the secrets hidden by the town’s most powerful members. To keep her apartment and protect her fellow residents, Cassiel must embrace her magical powers before a devious force makes her just another ghost…

By Earth is the first spellbinding book in The Witches of Portland series of paranormal urban fantasy novels.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

By Flame

by T. Thorn Coyle

A witch in crisis. A shy man with an unusual occupation. To regain healing powers, the witch must fight for something bigger than himself. With magic.

Tobias only wanted to use his healing powers for good. But with clients dying, he begins to doubt himself. When he meets a reckless man named Aiden, sparks fly, but can a witch and a Catholic find a future together? The houseless community Aiden works with is in danger from unscrupulous forces, and he asks Tobias for help. Tobias tries to refuse, but then a Goddess intervenes…

With the help of his coven, Tobias must walk into the fire, while not losing the man he is rapidly coming to love. To protect his city, Tobias must reclaim his powers before the whole thing topples like a house of cards…

By Flame is the second passionate story in The Witches of Portland series of paranormal urban fantasy novels.

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A signal beckons from uncharted space…

It was a call they should have ignored.

It has been seven years since humans defeated the aliens who attacked Earth. The Xen are now our friends.

Or are they?

When Captain Noah Jameson and the Titan arrive at the source of the signal, everything changes.

Jameson’s crew makes a single mistake and they find themselves facing a massive invasion fleet.

Noah must draw upon his tactical genius and rely on the bravery of a brand-new crew, to hold the line against an enemy that threatens all humanity.

They must slow down the invasion fleet.

They must warn Earth.

But first they must stay alive.

Or all is lost.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Aegis League Series – Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

by S.S. Segran

Are we capable of higher evolution, or are we destined for annihilation? Two powerful forces battle for the fate of humanity. Five friends hold the key to salvation.

“Astonishingly imaginative and thoughtful…” – Samuel F. Pickering, inspiration for Academy Award-winning movie Dead Poets Society.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


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