Fae of the North

by E Hall

When Kiki discovers a secret about her past, she’s thrown into another realm that’s nothing like her life as a demon slayer in NYC. While seeking counsel to understand why she has wings, she meets a guy who looks like a Viking and looks at her in a way that makes her fluttery inside.

Soren spends too much time at the tile table and infuriating the king’s guards—evidenced by his ink-stained skin. He gave up fighting back and is just trying to survive. The strange thing is, when he meets a beautiful stranger he suddenly wants to fly away with her.

In the Northlands, trust is a foreign concept. The people are divided by fear and want, everyone is broken or does the breaking. The ashpit consumes the rest.

With war looming, time isn’t on their side.. It’s a battle Kiki and Soren can’t win on their own, but could divide them forever, and forever is what they each secretly want.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Connecting: Earth’s Only Hope

by Joynell Schultz

We are entering another ice age.

In less than a year, my brother and I will freeze to death, unless we starve first. Experts have created biodomes, built tunnels, and rationed food and fuel to make the end more tolerable, for a bit.

When Lon of planet Kaipra contacts me, claiming he has the key to our survival, I have to listen. He’ll help humans survive the ice age, but at the ultimate cost—I must agree to leave my brother, my friends, and the entire planet I call home to travel across the galaxy with him.

Can I trust him?
What are his plans with me?
And do I even have a choice?

You’ll keep turning the pages of this post apocalyptic survival novel, because it’s filled with action, adventure, and an across-the-galaxy romance.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


The Silver Horn Echoes: A Song of Roland

by Michael Eging

In the Dark Ages, the Frank kingdom is threatened by enemies and traitors. To save all he loves from destruction, a young knight must be willing to sacrifice everything! “The Silver Horn Echoes” pays homage to “La Chanson de Roland” by revisiting an age of intrigue, and a fateful decision in the shadows of a lonely mountain pass–Roncevaux!

“The allure of intense conflicts and divided loyalties should keep readers turning pages straight through to the novel’s surprising conclusion.” Kirkus Review

“A work of great imagination, nourished by history, a story with a powerful conflict, laced with intense action and twists that are as surprising as they are delightful.” Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Deal or No Deal

by William Meikle

Three beers and a packet of crisps is a tempting offer for your soul when you don’t really believe you have one. But when it comes time to pay up, suddenly it doesn’t seem like such a sweet deal. You’re going to need help, but who are you going to call?

There’s one man who might help, a man who knows the nature of deals with the dark side, and the ways of the old city. Derek Adams, the Midnight Eye, is on the case…

Deal or No Deal? is a case from William Meikle’s gripping urban fantasy/noir detective series, The Midnight Eye Files. The mysteries continue in volume one: The Amulet.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by David Simpson

When World War III breaks out, doctor Craig Emilson becomes a suborbital paratrooper. Sent on a mission to take out a powerful artificial intelligence, Craig unknowingly holds the fate of humankind in his hands…

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History


by David Simpson

The future should have been perfect. Microscopic robots known as nans could repair any damage to your body, keep you young by resetting your cellular clocks, and allow you to download upgrades like intelligence, muscle strength, and eyesight. You were supposed to be able to have anything you wanted with a simple thought, to be able to fly without the aid of a machine, to be able to live forever. But when a small group of five terraformers working on Venus return to Earth, they discover that every other human in the solar system has been gruesomely murdered. Now, James Keats and his four companions must discover what happened to the rest of humanity and fight back if they wish to avoid the same, horrifying fate. Welcome to the post-human era.

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by Hetty Crane and P.J. Merchant

When a freakish on-stage accident propels the art rock band Sun into Arethea, a world where music has unpredictable but very real magical power, guitarist Robin Wood and his bandmates become pawns in a deadly political struggle. Four of the band are captured and imprisoned, but Robin escapes, helped by the Solanese faction who demand his cooperation in an ancient ritual that will allow them to channel his musical power. “What does this ritual involve?” Robin asks, all the while thinking to himself, please, god, don’t let it involve killing anyone or anything! As Robin awaits the answer, the lives of his imprisoned mates and the fate of all Aretheans hang in the balance.

Daram is a spellbinding, humorous, and richly imagined novel that creates unforgettable characters readers will come to love.

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Category: Fantasy – Classics


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