by Andrea Pearson

Vicious shifters are on the hunt and will devour anything that stands in the way. And getting in the way is exactly what Nicole must do.

Nicole Williams hopes for nothing more than to Restart like any normal Arete and gain access to the magic she’ll possess. But when she does Restart, she’s accused of gruesome murder, and she learns she must travel halfway around the world to save her best friend’s life.

Knowing that the evil Hounds of Tindalos are hot on her tail and that they’ll stop at nothing to kill her before she hides her best friend from them forever, she invites her boyfriend, Conor, to come along as backup. But Conor’s plans may not line up with hers.

Danger, intrigue, and harrowing fights with evil await you in Forsake, a Mosaic Chronicles novel. Start reading now to immerse yourself in the adventure!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Antikythera and The Source

by PanOrpheus

Piloting her ship, The Source sees a huge object coming in space. The name ‘Antikythera’ is boldly shown on the side of what appears to be a World-ship. An adventure begins, an adventure that explores TIME and what we think that it is. The ancient past meets the far future in this thrilling metaphysical sci-fi mystery that presents us with TIME and what it really may be. The Spirits of “JANIS* an Earthly-Realm singer from the 1960’s and the Spirit of Nikola Tesla make their appearances…along with the android ‘children’ of the Mage and The Source. With Mark Twain-like humor and Steampunk elements like clocks, gears, ray guns, and more, the world of ‘The Antikythera and the Source’ moves through time and space to a surprising ending!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Shades of Winter A Novel of the Averraine Cycle

by Morgan Smith

An aging band of sea raiders set out on one last voyage of revenge, and get a whole lot more than they bargained for.

Tam Isliefsdottir wasn’t planning to end her life in a futile attempt for vengeance, but when your brothers- and sisters-in-arms need you, what can you do? Leaving her son and her granddaughter behind and sailing to the shadowy island of Alvandir, she expected to die gloriously for the sake of her country, her king, and her own reputation.

Nothing is as it is supposed to be, however, and it hasn’t been for the last twenty years. Tam and her Kyndred are in for the surprise of their lives.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Game Masters v2.0 – Level Up

by Anthea Sharp, et al

Want more stories like READY PLAYER ONE, Jumanji, and Sword Art Online? Dive into these immersive gaming-inspired novels from six trailblazing authors of litRPG/GameLit. Your adventure awaits!

Sometimes gaming is the best escape. Until virtual reality gets a little too real…

These six full-length novels explore the intersection of pixels and reality, tackling big issues with plenty of adventure and geeky goodness along the way. From a modern-day coming of age tale to a gritty speculative dystopian future, these bestselling and award-winning authors deliver, with books that explore the boundaries of immersive gaming.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


Cling – A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

by Jeff Menapace and Kim Bravo

Sadie can perceive what others cannot. A rare and hazardous gift, it is one she would rather not possess, as its price is great suffering.

Wandering the wastelands of a ruined Earth plagued by gangs and Cling—an affliction which shortens the lifespan to mere decades—Sadie’s hope to find a slice of utopia fades.

When a reckless moment sets her on the run from a brutal warlord, her flight leads to a mysterious boy who holds the answer to Sadie’s salvation. If she will use her gift to help his community, he vows to share the location of a tunnel deep beneath the ground—a tunnel revealed to Sadie in a fever dream as the key to defeating her pursuers.

But when Sadie enters the tunnel, her discovery plunges the boy’s community into unimaginable peril. Fortunately, Sadie has a few tricks up her sleeve—and an old acquaintance with a notorious set of skills who just might join the fray.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


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