Technopia Full Box Set

by Greg Chase

Sam Adamson would do anything to leave the climate-ravaged wastelands of Earth… even if it means working for pirates. So when he’s offered a job repairing a derelict spaceship’s computer, he jumps at the chance to head to the Kuiper Belt, an area at the edge of the solar system reviled for its lawlessness and tenuous ability to sustain life.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Chausiku: Nightmare of the Clans Book 1

by Pamela E. Cash

There are six secret clans across the world–Africa (Sakombi clan), Europe (Spencer clan), Asia (Qiáo clan), South America (Amaru clan), North America (Natosapi clan) and Australia (Gale clan). Each clan possesses unique supernatural powers. On her 16th birthday Chassie inherits powerful abilities and discovers she’s a descendant of the Sakombi clan. She’s also in extreme danger.
John is ready to teach her how to fight but there isn’t much time. She must deal with her harsh new reality fast if she wants to stay alive…because her mother’s killer is looking for her.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Gods and Demons

by BR Kingsolver

Life’s tough as an Elf girl stranded in Earth’s realm.

When a jaguar shifter drops in out of nowhere and asks me for help in tracking down an ancient blood-magic statuette, I say no thank you. I learned a long time ago the key to survival is keeping a low profile. But it’s hard to ignore an artifact of the gods powerful enough to blow holes in reality.

Enter stalker werewolves in a black Mercedes and magicians trying to capture me. They all think I know where the damned statue is. Then I’m attacked by demons.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but some of them are really rude. Being rude is a capital crime where I come from.

Time for a lesson in manners.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blackbeard Superbox

by Michael Wallace

In the aftermath of an interstellar war with an alien race, Captain James Drake is unjustly court martialed. But Drake won’t go down without a fight. Rather than surrender, he’ll lead his loyal crew into the frontier worlds to repair and rearm. Fighting the treacherous Lord Admiral Malthorne, Drake makes alliances with aliens and smugglers to clear his name and defeat treason in his beloved homeland.

The bestselling STARSHIP BLACKBEARD and SENTINEL series, now in a complete compilation for the first time, is 1,500 pages of space battles, alien wars, and interstellar politics.

Previously $9.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Misfit Pack

by Stephanie Foxe

A redhead with a drawl, a lawyer with pink hair, and a homeless seventeen-year-old have no business forming a pack.

In a world where magic is commonplace, and your neighbor is just as likely to be an elf as a troll, three humans are unwillingly changed into werewolves.

Unprepared and unwanted.

The pack may have chosen Amber as their Alpha, but that’s not a title she is supposed to have. In order to be legally recognized as an Alpha she must pass the Trials, and it won’t be easy. If she fails, her pack will be disbanded and forced into a halfway house for bitten werewolves, aka The System.

But the pack needs a sponsor in order to even enter the Trials.

With everything to lose, the brand new pack must learn to work together before it’s too late.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

How to Pick Up Women with a Drunk Space Ninja (The Adventures of Duke LaGrange, Book I)

by Jay Key

Bounty hunters. Ninjas. Anthropomorphic musk oxen from the moons of Gartosh. Welcome to the gut busting universe of Duke LaGrange!

When bounty hunter Duke LaGrange and his oft inebriated Japanese-Irish ninja companion, Ishiro’shea, entered their favorite watering hole, Cyborg Joe’s Grill N’ Go & The Why Not Saloon, they had no idea that they would soon be gobbled up by an unhinged astral anomaly and deposited on an uncharted primitive world. Few things are worse than undeveloped planets especially those that haven’t even made it to the soufflé stage. To top it off, this particular planet comes with its own insane ruler and an Orb that Controls Everything and Must be Respected. The bounty hunting duo will need to navigate a violent rebellion, flying fire breathing panthers, and mutated swamp cannibals in order to avoid being stranded light years from the nearest well-martini.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

How to Win at Pit Fighting with a Drunk Space Ninja (The Adventures of Duke LaGrange, Book II)

by Jay Key

One Tournament. Zero Rules. Fifteen of the biggest, strongest, and nastiest warriors in the entire universe…and Duke LaGrange.

Holy hedgehogs! Everyone’s favorite bounty hunting duo is back! Nova Texas’ favorite son, Duke LaGrange, and his silent swordsman sidekick, Ishiro’shea, once again find themselves unceremoniously removed from Cyborg Joe’s and deposited on a planet at the least opportune time. The only way for the tandem to escape the harsh world of Psitakki is for Duke to survive the most dangerous underground pit fighting tournament in the cosmos. Mega-Trolls, flying insectoid soldiers, and acid-spitting sludge beasts, oh my! And it’s not just the looming spectre of combat staring Duke in the face…it’s his former love.

Previously $4.99

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