Curse (The Return of Wexkia 1)

by Dale Furse

Wexkia! The home of the most powerful and deadly beings ever known.

Their re-emergence is about to ignite fear throughout the universe.

Nell’s family reveals the truth of her alien heritage. If that information wasn’t frightening enough, Nell’s life somersaults as ever-increasing evidence proves her family wrong.

She is something else.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Beast of Talesend

by Kyle Robert Shultz

Private eye Nick Beasley lives in a world where fairy tales ended a long time ago – where zeppelins now soar the skies instead of dragons, and where the first automobiles have taken the place of flying carpets. He’s made a name for himself across the Afterlands by debunking fake magicians and exposing fraudulent monsters. This is the modern age, after all. Magic and monsters are long gone.

At least, that’s what Nick believes. Until he gets magically transformed into a monster, that is.

The only person who may be able to help Nick is Lady Cordelia Beaumont, one of the last enchantresses in the Afterlands. But in order for her to cure him, they’ll have to retrieve a powerful artifact from a ruthless crime lord – who is also Cordelia’s father.

The fate of the Afterlands lies in the hands of a runaway enchantress and a monstrous ex-detective. What could possibly go wrong?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

The Tomb of the Sea Witch

by Kyle Robert Shultz

Private detective Nick Beasley used to be a debunker of magic–and a human being. Then he found out magic is real. The hard way. Now he’s on the run from a powerful council of enchanters who want him dead, along with his little brother Crispin and the renegade enchantress Lady Cordelia Beaumont.

So when Cordelia suggests going undercover at a stronghold of the Council’s power–the Warrengate Academy of Advanced Magic–Nick isn’t exactly thrilled with the idea. Cordelia insists that the school may hold the key to Nick regaining his humanity: an ancient spell created by the Sea Witch from the tale of the Little Mermaid.

But the mission proves to be more complicated than Beaumont and Beasley had expected. The Sea Witch is not quite as dead as everyone believes…and her secrets will change everything.

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The Gemstone Chronicles Book One: The Carnelian

by William Stuart

When Aidan and Maggie find a fairy cross while rock-hunting with their grandfather, it’s just an oddity. But when they discover an elf imprisoned in the stone and set him free, they and their grandparents, Nana and Beebop, are attacked by Dark Elves and forced to flee to the magical world of Celahir.

In Celahir, Findecano – the elf the children freed from the fairy cross – leads them on a quest to recover gemstones stolen from the Elven Bow by the Dark Elves. Without the restoration of the gemstones to the Elven Bow, the balance between good and evil in Celahir – and the human world – could tip toward evil.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


by James S. Peet


Bill Clark joins the Corps of Discovery, an organization that operates gateways from a Parallel Earth to explore other timelines for eventual settlement by Earth’s burgeoning population.

Surveyor follows Bill’s journey from Earth, through the Corps’ training, and his subsequent deployments as an aerial surveyor and geographic information systems analyst. Along the way he gets swept up in a shadowy organization’s attempt to shut down the gates. That attempt usually involves force.

Bill soon learns that adventure means someone else in danger in a faraway land, and he’s definitely on an adventure.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Electric Gardens

by M. Black

After several world catastrophes, robots called ‘Tins’ have come to power.

Lexi019 knows them well. She’s lived inside of a Compound ruled by Tins for the past twelve years, and maintains a strict schedule. After attending Electric Gardens classes, she learns that she will transferred, as all seventeen-year-olds are, to serve the gardens for the rest of her life.

Instead, Lexi defies the Tins and looks for a way out. With her best guy Kyle53 at her side, and a couple of unlikely friends, Lexi eventually finds her way out of the Compound.

But in the end, can she escape… or like all things in this artificial, post-apocalyptic world, will she be stuck under the Tins’ power forever?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Rewind Conspiracy Boxset #1

by Jill Cooper

Time travel. Murder Mystery. Virtual Reality. Government conspiracy. All tangled together in this three book boxset. Lara Crane never knew time travel would lead to this.

Time Trap: Lara Crane wants nothing more than to save her mother’s life and with the secrets of time travel at her disposal, she sets out to do just that. But, she doesn’t count on how life will change when her wish comes true. Now in the middle of a government conspiracy, being chased by the mob, and a senator out to use time travel to cement her power, Lara Crane will need to use time travel to save her life and her family.

Time Loop: Lara Crane thought she was out, but they keep sucking her back in. Time Travel mingles with Virtual Reality in ways that distort the truth. Can Lara Crane see through the perfect VR utopia to fight her way out into the real world?

Previously $7.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

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