Invasion (Alien Invasion Book 1)

by Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant


The discovery of objects approaching from Jupiter orbit sets humanity on edge, sending cities into panic. The objects are enormous spheres numbering in the dozens, maybe hundreds. They are on an approach vector toward Earth … and they will arrive in six days.

Entrepreneur Meyer Dempsey is in New York, realizing the time has come to act on all the preparations he’s made without ever consciously knowing why. For years Meyer has been preoccupied by a dreamlike sense of coming peril and knows where he must take his family … if, that is, they can make it before society eats itself alive with fear.

Warning: Don’t start this relentless page-turner before bed!

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Rise of Magic Boxed Set One

by CM Raymond & LE Barbant

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…” Arthur C. Clarke
She didn’t mean to use magic

She didn’t even know she HAD magic

She just wanted to save her brother, who was dying in her arms.

Accused of using illegal magic, and sentenced to a cruel death at the hands of the Arcadian Guards, Hannah has no choice but to trust in the aid of a strange old wizard who offers her the gift of unimaginable power.

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary

Stolen Enchantress

by Amber Argyle

Any girl who goes into the Forbidden Forest never comes out again. Except the one who did.

Larkin should have been watching her little sister, should have paid more attention to the trees looming over her family’s fields. Now Sela is gone. Knowing full well the danger of the forest and its beast, Larkin goes after her anyway. With her sister clutched in her arms, she manages to escape, but not before discovering the truth lurking beneath the wicked boughs.

She may have evaded the beast once, but with the full force of his magic now fixated on her, she isn’t sure how much longer she can resist.

“Moody, whimsical, & enchanting.” – Emily R. King, author of The Hundredth Queen Series

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

The Twelve Systems Bundle

by EG Manetti

Where duty and passion collide.Epic science fiction romance that blend elements of space opera with the intrigue and suspense of a political thriller.

Desperate to avoid execution for crimes not her own, Lilian accepts an indenture contract with a powerful warrior. For three years he will have total control of her body, will and intellect. Lucius Mercio commands one of the most powerful cartels in the Twelve Systems. As clever and ambitious as he his ruthless, Lucius intends to take his cartel to unimaginable heights with the aid of Lilian’s brilliance. His rivals use any means to undermine and destroy Lucius’ plans including his notorious apprentice. To survive, Lilian will need discover hidden reserves of courage, wit and determination. To succeed, Lucius requires Lilian’s brilliance. To make use of it, he must keep her alive. It is going to prove more difficult than he anticipated.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Solitude: Dimension Space Book One


Vaughn Singleton has been alone on Earth for months when he discovers there’s another survivor: Commander Angela Brown, barely alive at the international space station. So begins a race against time. Can Vaughn make it to space and back before it’s too late?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

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