Dragon Seed

by James Osiris Baldwin

Hector Park was a stuntman, a soldier, then a plague victim. But there IS a life after death… because Hector’s data was just uploaded there.

Given a second chance at life in the beautiful, dangerous world of Archemi, Hector sets his eyes on the sky and the grueling path of the Dragon Knight. But to achieve his dream, he must prove himself worthy of imprinting a dragon, a being with whom he will share a telepathic bond more intimate than any human relationship. But will he make the cut?

Join Hector on this epic Final Fantasy-style LitRPG adventure, in which the heroes find love, triumph, and struggle against overwhelming odds in the battle to save their world.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Amy’s Rebellion

by Julia Rose Goldhirsh

This Arthurian fantasy features gemstone magic and a race to defeat Opal before she destroys Amy, and what remains of the magic world.
If you like LGBTQIA+ mages, expansive magic worlds, magic maps, character/scenery art, and enemies to lovers romances, you’ll love the first book in the Gemstone Massacre series. Check out Amy’s Rebellion today!

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian


Starseed: Book one of the Shadow & Shifter Series

by Olivia Hillier

I could see all the dark spirits. Was it a curse or fate?

Maya has always seen the dark lingering shadows that inhabit Earth and its people. She’s become the outcast. That is until she met Cay. The only other boy who shares her magic. But together, they’re equally dangerous as they are powerful.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Victorious Redemption Complete Series Boxed Set

by Michael Anderle

Jasmine’s world should have ended when she tumbled from that 17th-story window…

Instead, she dug herself out of her own grave.

Now she’s on a search for answers about herself and her past.

Get this complete series boxed set and join Jasmine in her fight to discover the truth of her own origin!

Jasmine is coming back for the man who killed her.

After a late night rendezvous with a stranger goes sideways, Jasmine finds herself waking to a man holding a gun loaded with silver bullets. In her final moments, she hears her killer utter her long-lost father’s name.

Her world should have ended when she tumbled from that 17th-story window…

Instead, she dug herself out of her own grave.

Who is her father? What does Deshawne Pierce want with her? Who is the strange half-fairy who runs her local tavern?

If Jasmine can rise from the grave, surely the truth can, too.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Rika’s Marauders: The Complete Series

by MD Cooper

Rika is one such victim.

Forged into a second generation scout mech, she is sent to the front lines where she serves with distinction, crushing countless enemies beneath her clawed feet.

But, despite giving everything she had, Genevia still loses the war, and Rika is abandoned.
Now she slings cargo on Dekar, little more than a human loading machine, struggling to keep ahead of the slow breakdown of her mechanized body.

Until someone makes her an offer she cannot refuse. An offer that will see her rejoin the fight—whether she wants to or not. Rika will have to summon a strength she never knew she had to bring about the victory that she once thought was lost.

Get Rika’s Marauders today and follow the ultimate rags-to-riches story, where one woman rises up and saves not only herself, but her people.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration


Families First A Post-Apocalyptic Next-World Series Volumes 1-3

by Lance K Ewing

Families First A Post-Apocalyptic Next World Series Volumes 1-3 Box Set (Part of a 7 volume Series) When a devastating Electro-Magnetic Pulse is detonated over the USA, it leads to a total loss of power and a complete and catastrophic breakdown of everyday society. As the country descends into chaos and anarchy, one man and woman make an epic decision in order to save their loved ones and find a place of safety. From their home in McKinney, Texas, Lance and Joy lead their three young sons, along with an assorted group of friends and neighbors, on a long and treacherous journey across the country, towards the only point on the map they can think of that will provide them with the security they need. Their journey promises to be long and arduous and Lance will discover more about life than he ever thought possible. He will bring them home or die trying. Fast paced and character driven.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic



by Rachel Starr Thomson

A “devastatingly beautiful” Christian fantasy tale of adventure, faith, loss, and love.

When he rescues a young woman named Lilia from bandits, Taerith Romany is caught in a web of loyalties: Lilia is the future queen of a spoiled king, and though Taerith is not allowed to love her, neither he can bring himself to leave her without a friend. Their lives soon intertwine with the fiercely proud slave girl, Mirian, whose tragic past and wild beauty make her the target of the king’s unscrupulous brother.

In a land of fog and fens, unicorns and wild men, Taerith stands at the crossroads of good and evil, where men are vanquished by their own obsessions or saved by faith in higher things. The king’s rule is only a knife’s edge from slipping—and when it does, all three will be put to the ultimate test.

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Category: Christian Fantasy


Blind Rage

by Nick Clausen

A terrifying, epic and action-packed story about the carnage unleashed when a strange object in the sky turns people into blind, raging monsters.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic