by C.J. Odle

Will humanity survive being judged in a galactic court?
New Age SF, a mystical and visionary novel.

After 3.8 billion years, the alien creators of life on Earth return to evaluate the results of their experiment. One species is found to be an extreme danger to itself and others – Humanity. Evidence for the continuation of the species hangs by a thread.

Jake Connolly, talented up and coming LA lawyer, has a hidden psychic side long suppressed. When a series of intense visionary experiences threaten to derail his life, he is dragged unwillingly towards mysterious events deep in the Mojave Desert. What he discovers there changes him forever, and will affect the lives of everyone on the planet.

As the world watches its destiny unfold, humanity is forced to fight for its survival in a galactic court and justify its existence to far superior beings.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary


by Jennifer Rose McMahon

Maeve O’Malley is done peering over her shoulder every minute for her elusive stalker. It’s time for the skittish quarry to take a stand and start a new hunt.

Haunted by visions of Ireland’s notorious pirate queen, eighteen-year-old Maeve must sacrifice everything to choose the life she was meant to live. Her strange and terrifying visions transport her to ancient Ireland, connecting her to an ancestral past she never knew existed.

Warrior chieftains and British rule threaten to decimate her clan as Maeve fights to find the courage to join forces with the pirate queen in a resistance against the crown. But will the heart-wrenching distraction of a forbidden interest, a copper-haired medieval boy whose allegiance is unclear, derail her?

In the quest of a lifetime, or centuries of lifetimes, Maeve must change her course to preserve her family history and save her clan from obliteration.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Carol James Marshall

When everything you know is a lie. Will you seek the truth?
Lisa our anti-hero only wants to follow orders from her mysterious leader, Superior Mother. Then get back to life in The Grey. When she is sent on her first mission among the humans, Lisa realizes she is more human than Superior Mother led her to believe. In her first mission for the Women of the Grey Lisa begins to not only challenge her orders from Superior Mother but everything she has ever known. Defiant and on a quest for the truth Lisa will follow orders no more while she creates a path of her own.
Starburst is a mysterious and fascinatingly creepy coming-of-age tale with a sinister vibe that focuses on the relationships The Women of the Grey have with humans. It is an emotional connection that will have the reader questioning the depth of their character and of those around them.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Red Drug

by Carol James Marshall

Red Drug, book 2 in the Women of the Grey series, takes us back to the uncharted world of The Grey. There are still so many unanswered questions left by Starburst (book 1). Did Lisa survive facing Superior Mother again? Are the women of The Grey truly as ‘all the same and none different’ as they preach to be?

Red Drug introduces us to a few new women of The Grey: Abigail and Teresa. Abigail is kind and gentle, but perhaps not as grounded as she needs to be to survive in the fierce world of The Grey. We also meet Teresa, who believe that humans are the worst kind of annoyance… until she falls in love with one.

Filled with intrigue and mystery, Red Drug gives just enough to keep readers fiending for more. The Grey is a dark, unsettling place, and absolutely nothing like you thought it would be.

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by Michael Karr

A desert planet. A dangerous secret.

When Skylar’s enigmatic uncle warns him to stay away from the mysterious winged insects that have been sighted on other planets, he thinks little of it; no one has seen the insects on his own planet of Haladras. His uncle knows more than he’s telling, though. The creatures are not insects, but machines. And they’re hunting for Skylar. Only after Skylar narrowly escapes capture and flees Haladras with his uncle does he learn the whole truth. What his uncle reveals will shatter Skylar’s world. Torn from the girl he loves and thrust into the center of a conflict that will consume the empire, Skylar must fight for all he cares for, even as he struggles to know who he can trust.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


by Aaron Hodges

For five hundred years the Gods have united the Three Nations in harmony.
Now that balance has been shattered, and chaos threatens.

A town burns and flames light the night sky. Hunted and alone, seventeen year old Eric flees through the wreckage. The mob grows closer, baying for the blood of their tormentor. Guilt weighs on his soul, but he cannot stop, cannot turn back. If he stops, they die.

For two years he has carried this curse, bringing death and destruction wherever he goes. But now there is another searching for him – one who offers salvation. His name is Alastair, and he knows the true nature of the curse. Magic.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

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