Alpha Centauri (Aeon 14: Enfield Genesis Book 1)

by M. D. Cooper & Lisa Richman

The Sentience Wars may be won, but the battle isn’t over…

The Sentience Wars in Sol have come to an end. In the wake of war, refugees still flee to nearby stars, but there are sinister forces at work in Alpha Centauri who would turn their plight into profit.

None of this is apparent to an easygoing, self-assured pilot-for-hire named Jason Andrews. Recently arrived from Proxima Centauri to visit his sister, he is sucked into a covert operation by a brother-in-law who is not who he seems. But then again, neither is Jason….

But the enemy they face has grown more powerful than any had expected, and the fate of the star systems’ humans and AIs are at stake. Jason must engage in an all-out bid to save a world he’s just getting to know, in a war he only just learned about.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure

by Michael G. Munz

You probably saw the press conference. Nine months ago, Zeus’s murder catapulted the Greek gods back into public life. Now the whole pantheon revels in new temples, casinos, and media empires—except Apollo. An overachiever with a bursting portfolio of godly duties, the amount of email alone he receives from rapacious mortals turns each day into a living hell.

Yet there may be hope, if only he can return Zeus to life! With the aid of Thalia, the muse of comedy and science fiction, Apollo will risk his very godhood to help sarcastic TV producer Tracy Wallace and a gamer-geek named Leif—two mortals who hold the key to Zeus’s resurrection. (Well, probably. Prophecies are tricky buggers.)

If you like comedy in your mythology, and mythology in your reality, grab this epic fantasy where reality TV heroes slay monsters and the gods have their own Twitter feeds.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Seas of Crimson Silk

by Emma Hamm

A dragon can be loyal forever, if you tame her first. But Sigrid would sooner be dead than tamed.

Dragon shifter Sigrid of Wildewyn has spent her life in a cage, quite literally. Whether she’s hidden from her own people, or masked so they cannot see her face, she’s dedicated her life to her country and king. But, when her king promises her to a rival warlord and Sultan of a country she hates, her loyalty is tested.

Nadir of Bymere was the boy king no one ever thought would sit on the throne. And though he knows his country is ruled by corrupt advisers, he’s lost himself in the glory of being Sultan. When they force him to marry a masked woman from the country who murdered his brother, he’s set to torture her for a lifetime.

Both hiding their own secrets, the two slowly realize there is more to both their kingdoms than they originally thought.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Tribe of Daughters

by Kate L. Mary

Nearly a century after a plague ravaged civilization, a secluded matriarchal society thrives in the mountains. Wilderness is next in line to rule her village — but when she meets outsider Jameson, everything she thought she knew is tested…

Tribe of Daughters is marvelous, unique, emotionally moving, amazing, and fascinating, reviewers enthuse, calling author Kate L. Mary a master of world-building. “Everything about this science fiction novel – the possibilities, the plot, the characters, the physical, mental, sexual and cultural concepts, and the writing style fired my imagination and compelled me to keep reading page after page until the book was finished” says Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Jack L Knapp Starter Library

by Jack L Knapp

Three full-length novels, each the first in a series!
Combat Wizard introduces T, an ESPer. Follow him as he goes from failed student to the most powerful telekinetic in the world!
Darwin’s World is the ultimate in survival books! One man, rescued at the point of death and reconstituted, then planted on a survival of the fittest world! Weapons, a knife and a hatchet. Oh, and that world? It’s Earth during the ice age, with sabertooths, dire wolves, and mammoths!
The Ship is about a revolutionary space drive, but also the inventors and entrepreneurs who ban together to perfect it. And about the opponents who will stop them at any cost! Opponents that range from crooked industrialists to Russian special ops and even the US Government itself!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

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