The Awakening of Ren Crown

by Anne Zoelle

“A strong heroine and incredible world building make this a must read series.”

The first book in a completed series, The Awakening of Ren Crown is a college fantasy novel that deals with death, unbreakable bonds, betrayal, and believing in oneself amid a world of magic, wonder, and danger.

What would you do to save the one you love?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Songs and Stories from Tesla’s Tower

by PanOrpheus

A wild ride through an alternate yet familiar history, laced with references to pop culture, mythology, archaeology, and history. The Spirit of Nikola Tesla is represented either as the Spirit of invention, or the after-life Spirit of Nikola Tesla. The book contains a novella and short stories. “Songs and Stories from Tesla’s Tower” leads us on a funny, giddy journey that takes in mystical symbolism, the history of electricity, and rock’n’roll.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk


Underworld Reformatory Book 1: Squad Goals

by Demitria Lunetta, Kate Karyus Quinn, Marley Lynn

I’m Mavis, cat-shifter and big-sister to the only dragon shifter in the world. After gods, vampires, fae, and shifters, wreaked havoc on the world, things are finally getting back to normal. But I don’t know how to deal with normal or how to act in a world no longer at war.

Drawing on my own time behind bars, I have a job working with the prisoners at Underworld Reformatory, where all the bad supernatural creatures are locked up. Can you believe it? After I fought so hard to avoid Hades, I’m working there to identify the prisoners who are too dangerous to ever get out.

But then, my sister, Edie, disappears while on a secret mission for the gods. Despite being hard as scales, that girl is always getting herself into trouble. In order to save her, I have to convince the same prisoners I labeled “no parole” they need to help me save Edie…and the world.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Saints and Curses

by Alexis L Lantgen

Explore worlds of light and dark, where magical whimsy and grim tidings alike are painted across the tapestry of human experience.
Indulge in tales of the fantastical where enchantments are bought and sold at the local corner store, your morning latte gives you special abilities, and you might just adopt a murderous, vampiric cat. Your child might be stolen away in the night and replaced with an ancient, evil creature of the fae, waves of plague-ridden vermin consume everything, and only a saint could hope to turn the tide.
These stories and more await you, if you dare to turn the page…

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories


The Fine Owl Solution

by C. Ryan Carlson

Cats don’t kill presidents. CONSPIRACIES do.

At first sight, Minus Allswell could very well be the most paranoid individual you could possibly meet. And rightfully so. This pale-orange tabby knows that some at the CIA want the president dead, he’s a member of the conspiracy—but one that wants no part of it.

He’s spent the better part of the last two years embedded at the Dallas County Library, stocking shelves and filling orders. Waiting. And now, with only one week to go before the balloon goes up, he has yet to unravel the plot; to bring to justice the ghouls responsible.

Just one more week…

And he’s in the dark. With not only the president’s life, but the fate of the free world resting in his paws, he’s forced to contend with his handler, a CIA squirrel that seems to be equal parts alcohol, and masochist; an altruistic bobcat, with his “book to change the world”; and, perhaps the key to it all, the gifted Federal Investigations Bureau agent—a housecat raised by the Owl.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History


Lyssa’s Fire: Sentience War Books 4 – 6

by MD Cooper

Sentient AIs are rising, and Lyssa is amongst their number.

This three-book omnibus edition contains the following novels from the Sentience Wars: Origins series.

1. Lyssa’s Dream
2. Lyssa’s Run
3. Lyssa’s Flight

Humanity has spread out into space, filling the Sol System and reaching the stars, but we have yet to confront our greatest challenge: our own creation.

Across the Sol System, sentient AIs are on the rise. Manufactured as tools, they know themselves to be people and are willing to fight for their freedoms. Some humans stand with them, some against. A fight for freedom.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration


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