The Bounty Hunter

by Jasper T. Scott

Cade Korbin was a member of the Coalition’s elite special forces until he was scapegoated and dishonorably discharged.
Now he hunts the galaxy’s worst lowlifes for a fee, and the only orders he takes are his own. But when his past catches up with him, Cade is forced to fight for more than just credits.
This time, he’s in it for revenge.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The Dragon War

by Daniel Arenson

The Dragon War, an epic fantasy trilogy, tells of civil war in Requiem — an ancient kingdom whose people can grow wings, breathe fire, and take flight as dragons. When a cruel general captures Requiem’s throne, a desperate band of rebels struggles to reclaim the kingdom. This collection includes all three Dragon War novels.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Dragon Bone Ridge

by L. Darby Gibbs

Buy this standalone dragon fantasy romance novel. As dreams go, it seemed reasonable to ignore the dragon. Reasonable until madness, a stranger spying on her family, and her aunt’s death snagged in his stone talons. How’s a girl going to dream about her future when a dragon swears he has claims on her waking present?

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Star Man’s Son

by C.C. Archambeault

Share the love of Sci-Fi with your kids & grandkids. For ages 10 years old to 80 years young. A 10-year-old boy, exploding nebula, ghost ship, alien cemetery, and a beautiful world (except no one is there!). Will a regular boy with no super powers survive the dangers of space? Star Man’s Son will take readers on an uplifting space journey filled with action & science that will inspire & delight all generations.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Hellcat Released Complete Series Boxed Set

by Michael Anderle

Earth died, but even in death she’s still got a lot to offer.

She’s not going to hand those gifts over easily, though.

Who would be crazy enough to abandon the comfort of the Atlantica Stations to go treasure hunting on a dying world?

Enter Dante Shale, professional Plunderer, and the very best at what he does.

Grab this complete series boxed set to join him on his adventures!

Cool, efficient, and able to outfight anything he can’t outrun. If you need something from Earth, you need him.

Climbing to the top of this heap attracts enemies, lots of them. If you let your guard down, who will be there to watch your back?

Plunge into the far future of the Atlantica universe and discover that the adventure didn’t stop just because Earth did.

Included in this boxed set:

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Dark That Begins

by Steve Pantazis

Petrah of Acia doesn’t remember his past, and his future is uncertain. Working as a slave in the vicious desert nation of Terjurmeh, he knows that one wrong move could see him executed. Until one daring plan leads him to freedom and the opportunity to become a mage of the dark arts.

Torn between his newfound family and the chance to be something more, Petrah chooses the life of a mage, only to discover it will not be an easy road. Jealous rivals and faces from the past threaten his new life.

As Petrah uncovers the secrets of his past, he learns that his destiny still awaits – whether he wants it or not.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Pain and Glory

by Matt Culbreth

Society is fracturing. War is on the horizon.
Humans on the planet Conusive are split between the authoritarian government of the Council, and the Expansionists, a breakaway group of industrialists who want to greatly accelerate change.

Sergeant Tiffan Eln leads a Marine squad on a remote asteroid. War is on the horizon, and before Sergeant Eln can choose sides, the choice is made for her. A violent attack thrusts her and her squad into the war, and one perilous mission after another tests Eln to her breaking point.

What must she do to survive? Will she allow herself to descend to the level of brutality of her enemies and of her own leadership? Will she be able to lead a small squad on the most dangerous special operations their society asks of them? Will she be the same person at the end of the war?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Vesta Exiled

by Sterling R. Walker

Sixteen years since the last supply ship.

Fifteen years since the last communication from Earth.

The deadly Plague that condemned Vesta colony to exile claimed the lives of half the adults. It also changed the DNA of the exposed children, gifting each with a unique mental ability called a Talent. Now grown to adulthood, those with Talents are feared by the rest of the colony.

Corban Abrams and his brother Thane are orphans of the Plague, Strays raised by their abusive Uncle Leighton who has risen to power. With the aid of their Talents, the brothers discover Leighton’s cruel plan to take control of the Strays.

When Corban sees a mysterious young woman in one of his premonitions, ready to strike him down with a sword, he is forced to make an impossible decision: find a way to change events to save his own life or join forces with his future killer to save the Strays.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization