First Magic

by Raven Steele

Keep your head down. Don’t cause a scene. And never make friends.

These are the rules I have to live by to survive. After Vykens, mutated and soulless vampires, killed my parents, I know they will come for me next.

As an Aura, I can manipulate the light within me, the same ancient light Vykens feed on. It’s supposed to be a sacred power, one used only for good and to help others.

But if I want to survive, I’ll have to defy the Auran Council and learn to use my rare ability as a weapon.

Now I’m caught in something even bigger than I can understand, with a power I can’t wield, and no one I can trust, except, just maybe, a mysterious stranger who’s captured my heart, making him the biggest danger of all.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Phantom Frost

by Alfred Wurr

An amnesic snow being, haunted by visions of an impending doom, must evade the government agents that hunt him. He’s got to keep a low profile and stay cool in a too-hot world as he seeks out an ancient chamber that may hold all the answers.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Bachelor Beast

by Grace Goodwin

Warlord Wulf thought nothing could be worse than being tortured by the Hive, until he’s ordered to go to Earth and represent The Colony in a human reality show. The Bachelor Beast is Earth’s hottest new program, but being set up with two dozen clingy females is not his idea of a good time. When his Beast refuses to show any interest in the show’s potential mates, he knows he must choose one or die due to his raging mating fever.

His Beast prefers execution to claiming anyone but his true mate. Wulf is resigned to his fate, a one-way trip to Atlan, a prison cell and execution. It is the only honorable thing left to do.

Until one glance, one sweet, feminine scent lingering in the air and his beast rages for a female who is not supposed to be his.

But try telling that to his Beast when his entire body transforms on live television and one simple word thunders from his lips…MINE.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Stars Dark Box Set: Books 1-4

by Joshua James and Daniel Young

“Harks back to the days of pulp magazines!”

Over 500 pages of nonstop action. The starship Yellowjacket is no pushover, but when an alien force larger than any in living memory appears out of nowhere, she is overwhelmed and left for dead on a hostile world.

It’s a bad start to the day for Captain Brynn Jameson — and that’s before he learns the architect of the invasion has a personal vendetta against him.

Now, the resourceful crew must find a way to repair their crippled ship, gather allies, and get back in the fight — before there’s no fight left to join.

Note: The Stars Dark series is an homage to thrilling pulp sci-fi of yesteryear. If you’re interested in hard science fiction look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for action-packed adventures on strange worlds with even stranger aliens, this series is for you!

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


A Riddle in Bronze

by Simon Haynes

London, 1871. When I applied for the position of bookkeeper with Professor Twickham and his daughter, I lied about my qualifications. In turn, they lied about the job for which I was applying.

Had we not been so untruthful with each other, there might have been fewer night terrors stalking the inhabitants of the City. Fewer unexplained disappearances. Fewer deaths.

Now, nobody is safe from the vengeful spirits we’ve unleashed.

With no time to spare, we face an impossible task: we must discover the mysteries in metal in order to right this wrong.

But is it already too late?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Sword of the Seven Sins

by Emily Colin

Raised in the Commonwealth, where citizens live and die by the code of the Seven Sins, Eva’s sickened by the barbaric punishments the High Priests inflict. She sees the Bellators of Light, the Commonwealth’s executioners, as conscienceless killers.

When she’s Chosen as the first female bellator, Eva’s devastated. She turns out to be inordinately gifted at the very role she abhors…no thanks to Ari, her dismissive, impossible mentor.

Ari’s indifference conceals a dangerous secret: He’s loved Eva since they were children. When Eva falls for Ari too, she knows they should do anything to avoid each other: love is punishable by death.

Then the two uncover a secret that could overturn the Commonwealth, and Eva must choose: Turn her back on Ari, and remain loyal to the only home she’s ever known—or risk everything on the slim hope of freedom, and stake her life on the boy she’s come to love.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Grey Stone

by Jean Knight Pace and Jacob Kennedy

When Pietre, an impoverished human boy finds an abandoned pup outside his village, he doesn’t hesitate to rescue the desperate creature. Unaware that his actions have legal consequences, the boy takes the dog to his home to nurse it back to health. But when the authorities show up on his front doorstep, Pietre is horrified when his dad is jailed under pain of death.

The wolf-shifting prince Wittendon wants to measure up to the expectations of his father, the king. So when he’s dispatched to deal with an illegal wolf-dog hybrid harbored by a human, the young noble is determined to enforce the law. But when he makes the arrest, the royal shifter is shocked to discover a loving bond missing from his own people.

In order to get what they both want, they’ll have to learn to work together, and hopefully not topple the world in the process.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


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