by Dakota Krout

A game that puts all others to shame. Magic that has been banned from the world. A man willing to learn no matter the cost.

The decision to start a new life is never an easy one, but for Joe the transition was far from figurative. Becoming a permanent addition to a game world, it doesn’t take long to learn that people with his abilities are actively hunted. In fact, if the wrong people gained knowledge of what he was capable of, assassins would appear in droves.

In his pursuit of power, Joe fights alongside his team, completes quests, and delves into the mysteries of his class, which he quickly discovers can only be practiced in secret. Ultimately, his goal is to complete every mission, master every ability, and learn all of the world’s secrets.

All he has to do is survive long enough to make that happen.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Nite Fire: Flash Point

by C. L. Schneider

Slated for execution, shapeshifting assassin, Dahlia Nite, flees her world to hide in the human realm. As payment for the shelter they unknowingly provide, Dahlia dedicates herself to protecting humans from what truly lives in the shadows; burying the truth that could destroy them all.
But the shadows are shifting. The lies are adding up. When Sentinel City is threatened by a series of bizarre, brutal murders, light is shed on what should never be seen. The secrets that have kept humanity in the dark for centuries are in danger of being exposed.
Dahlia investigates the killings while simultaneously working to conceal their circumstances. But with each new murder, the little bit of peace she has found in this world begins to crumble. Each new clue leads her to the one place she thought to never go again. Home.

Flash Point is the award-winning first book in the Nite Fire Series.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Nite Fire: Chain Reaction

by C. L. Schneider

If anyone can tell the difference between monsters and humans, it’s Dahlia Nite. For nearly a century, she’s hunted one to protect the other; safeguarding humanity from the creatures that slip through the torn veil between the worlds—creatures like her. But the lines are blurring. As people begin mutating and combusting on the streets, Dahlia realizes a strange affliction has descended upon Sentinel City. Its victims, driven to random acts of savagery, are drawing attention too fast to cover up.

Assigned to the case, Dahlia and her human partner, Detective Alex Creed, investigate the deaths. But all they have are questions and bodies, and a public on the verge of panic. Dahlia struggles to discover what, or who, is behind the alarming transformations, but as the violence spreads and the mystery unfolds, she wonders: are the victims still human? Were they ever?

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A Spacetime Tale

by J. Benjamin

After years spent studying alien life in the seas of Europa, Kiara is one of Earth’s foremost exobiology experts. Her research brings her to the attention of the Global Space Federation, which has a top-secret mission for her: an advanced alien civilization has been discovered in the depths of an icy planet five light-years from Earth, and Kiara is expected to join the crew making first contact.

Kiara has her hesitations, but as usual her scientific curiosity gets the better of her. She and her crew will be using experimental technology which establishes long-distance contact via a dream-reality beamed through a wormhole: the spacetime sequence. It’s even riskier than it sounds.

Of course, Kiara’s not the only one with hesitations about the GSF’s actions. And some of those people have the resources—and the access to GSF’s classified mission information—to do something about them.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The Fourth Channel

by Jen Kirchner

For years, Kari Hunter’s fooled the world into thinking she’s just your average rock star, but Kari has a secret she keeps from her family, friends, and fans…

Kari Hunter is a necromancer.

The rarest and most powerful of all magic-born, necromancers are notorious for leaving a trail of sacrifices in their wake.

But Kari isn’t interested in hurting anyone. Everyone she stabs gets a bandage and a lollipop, and whenever her talking sacrificial knives get too excited by the prospect of violence, she puts them in time-out… in her lingerie drawer.

One epic resignation letter and a baffling prophecy are all it takes to start unraveling her secret. When an agent of voodoo master Ruairí O’Bryne catches Kari using her powers, her secret’s out.

And when Ruairí finds out who Kari is, he’ll stop at nothing to make her his next sacrifice.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Flaw

by D.M. Rasey

A child genius, Lucas Levey learns that the virus he’s been working on is going to wipe out every living soul on our planet unless he does something to stop it.
The virus does not have a fail-safe architecture and can not be reverse-engineered. It first affects the neural impulses, then causes uncontrollable rage, followed by death.

Nobody had any idea that even a virus developed by a naive 14-year-old had already been born. People write off and leave the mass-shooting chain to undiagnosed mental illness. The more it is ignored, the worse it gets.

It started with Columbine, spreading at breakneck speed across the United States. By the year 2000, the sounds of a mass-shooting echo in every state …

Previously $5.98

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


A Loop in Time

by Clark Graham

I started this book on a whim, thinking it would be a lark to read yet I was also ready to bail if it became too outlandish.
I was happily surprised.
I had NO idea it would be both whimsical and entertaining but it was both and more.
Flying, crashing, amnesia, love and loss are all covered. But on top of all this was time travel.
Who would have thought it?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


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