Born To Magic

by David Wind

3,000 years after America is destroyed by nuclear war, the inhabitants have evolved, embracing magic and metaphysical warfare. As enemies from across the seas begin to close in, ancient legends come alive, leaving no one safe. The only two who can stop the onset of the darkest evil is the sorceress, Areenna, and Mikaal, the son of the High King of Neveah. With the safety of the world in their hands, and their powers young and erratic, will Mikaal and Areenna find the courage and strength to overcome the impossible?

Born to Magic is the first book in the Tales of Nevaeh series. A mix between Shannara Chronicles by Terry Brooks and The Hundred Series by Kass Morgan, Born to Magic combines futuristic dystopian societies ruled by magic and metaphysical elements with science fiction. The inhabitants aren’t aware that looming just outside the atmosphere, orbits the key to their past.

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary

People of the Sun

by Jason Parent

All life comes from the sun. Sometimes, death comes with it.

Filled with hope and compelled by fear, four would-be heroes are driven from their home planet in a desperate bid to save their civilization from extinction. But survival takes on a whole new meaning when a malfunction sends their ship plummeting toward Earth.

Surviving the crash is only the first obstacle on their path to salvation. The marooned aliens soon discover that Earth’s beautiful exterior masks an ugly foundation, a place inhabited by a warrior race that’s on a path toward self-destruction.

Brimming with action and intrigue, People of the Sun is sure to entice fans of dark fantasy and sci-fi thrillers such as Watchmen and I Am Number Four.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


by Mari Mancusi

Skye Brown has it all: the cool job, the hot boyfriend, the apartment on New York’s Upper West Side. But lately she can’t enjoy any of it. She’s having dreams of a post-apocalyptic world. Of a bleak futuristic wasteland. Of a struggle against oppression.

In her dreams, there is no Earth. Only Terra, a bleak post-apocalyptic wasteland where people live in squalor and oppression. In her dreams she is not Skye, but Mariah, a rebel leader fighting against a vile dystopian regime. And then there’s Dawn, a handsome, but haunted solider who sees her as nothing more than the empty shell of the girl he once loved. A betrayer he vows to hate forever, despite what she sees, deep in his eyes.

Now Skye finds herself in a race against time–to learn who she really is and where she belongs…and why. The shocking truth will have her questioning her own reality…and heart.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Nothing But Necromancy

by J. A. Campbell and Rebecca McFarland Kyle

Harmony Hendricks accidentally kills a boy when she wishes he would stop serenading her at school. Then, when she wishes he wasn’t dead, he comes back to life at his own funeral, still singing.
What will help Harmony?

Nothing but necromancy.

Elise Winters sees ghosts. They follow her everywhere, wreaking havoc from home to high school. Even her long-dead border collie’s ghost can’t protect her from a broken leg or the nagging fear that she might be losing her mind.
What will help Elise?

Nothing but necromancy…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Tan Skulks

by Max Anthony

Tan Skulks is a man on a mission. Except he’s not really a man and now he’s not sure what his mission is any more. Summoned to the ancient city of Hardened to investigate a series of murders, he finds that the grisly deaths are only a tiny part of the city’s problems. While a vicious beast stalks the streets, a newly-emboldened Rat God is trying to subvert the city. Wizards and assassins lurk in places they are most certainly not welcome to lurk in.

Now the indomitable Skulks must follow a series of leads to find out who or what is behind this catalogue of mischief. As a Wielder, he is never far from trouble—much of it of his own making. Using his powers of stealth and a not-quite-human ability to drink, steal, cheat and fleece his way through a city full of cynical citizens, Skulks must race against time to solve the mystery. Can he do it and escape with his thieving mitts intact?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

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