Yesterday: A Time Travel Thriller

by Jill Cooper

A retired time traveler finds destiny isn’t done with her as she’s set to wed the man of her dreams. Lara Crane, from the international best-selling Rewind Series, is back and ready for more!

Lara Crane thought she left time travel behind her, but when a remnant from her past arrives to settle a score long thought settled, Lara must find a way to reset the timeline before it unravels the fabric of her life.

With just a week until her fairytale wedding to successful businessman Donovan James, one of Lara’s oldest friends is murdered and thrusts her into a cat and mouse game with a dangerous time travel assassin. With her own powers long dormant, Lara struggles to cope with a danger she can no longer fight.

But the timeline begins to reset. People die who were intended to live and everything Lara knows changes and morphs all around her.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel