Yaduk and the Gods of Seabor

by Anita Vaani

Yaduk, a cowherd who lived in 294 BC, travels through black holes to an alien planet Seabor, a strange world of undulating liquid helium oceans and glowing radioactive forests. He gets romantically involved with the locals and joins them in their quest to control the future of the universe resulting in a series of hilarious as well as traumatic events! Yaduk lives in Seabor for twenty-four days. In that short period, he manages to lose his human body, gets a new alien one, manages to get his soul scattered, heals back again, travels back to the past to watch the birth of the universe and finally mates with an alien to attain divine powers! Finally, he is ready to go back to Earth. But, for a minor complication! For one day that passes on Seabor, a hundred years pass on Earth. More than two thousand years have passed since he left Earth!

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel