XimScape Vol. 1: Dawn of the Meta-Xim

by J.C. Stark

There can be only one way to end this war.

Join together to get revenge on those who made us fight!

The uniquely skilled and dispositioned civilizations of four moons orbiting the giant but lifeless planet Epta temporarily halted a long and bitter war. In reaching a fragile truce, Eptans agreed to refocus their sparse resources and the scarce and incredibly powerful element called Charune from use in combat against each other in order to achieve great things. One ambitious goal is to engineer an extraordinary escape to a place outside of their realm to confront those responsible for creating the experimental simulation that pitted their unique abilities against each other.

While some say that Charune makes anything possible, others say that the XimScape movement is only a pretext devised by the manipulative and power-hungry to harness the benefits of Charune for their own ends.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary