World War R

by Isaac Hooke

They are everywhere. Your workplace, your house, your street. And now they are coming for you…

Logan Asher and his elite squad are sent to the Red Sea to put an end to a terrorist cell.

It’s meant to be a simple in and out mission. His rangers have the edge. Better training. Better firepower. Better gear. Plus a slew of support bots.

But then all of their tech turns on them. Their smart goggles go dark. Their weapons jam. The machines that once fought at their sides now shoot at them.

Cut off from HQ, Logan and his men fight for their lives to get home. No matter where they turn, the machines hunt them. On land, sea, and air.

They must rely upon their wits, their training, and their very humanity to survive, knowing that even if they make it back, the Land of the Free might not be so free anymore…

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic