by Sarah Rayne

‘A smashing writer who really knows how to weave a tale…’ Booksellers’ Choice

The Apocalypse has come – and it has left the World in ruins…

Following the terror of the Apocalypse, life in the community of Tugaim, Ireland is simple – but controlled.

Families eke out their meagre livings from the blasted earth, carefully avoiding the forbidden patches of land that still shine with eerie light…

Joanna Grady is happy, but still she dreams of Ancient Ireland, a land of magic, royalty and terrible foes.

Soon, her life is about to change forever…

She flees – into the forbidden place, the Glowing Lands. But little does she know that the Forbidden Lands contain a rip in the Time Curtain, a portal to the past – to Ancient Ireland.

Wolfking is an epic fantasy adventure and the first of a gripping quartet of novels that invoke Celtic tones of Ancient Ireland.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends