Wolf of the Tesseract

by Christopher Schmitz

A demon set Claire’s house on fire… with her still inside!

Inferno monsters aren’t the worst of it. Her archaeologist father is missing, news that comes after the Feds confirm suspicions of a bigfoot serial killer. And of course there are lizard people—and they’ll stop at nothing to capture Claire.

When her father’s long-time friend, an elderly language professor, decodes a primeval text, Claire learns that cultists believe there is magic in her veins. Only her blood has the power to allow those chasing her to breach an inter-dimensional gate and unleash an ageless evil.

Claire’s only hope is to unravel the secrets of a mysterious artifact that can alter reality: The Tesseract. But it’s guarded by ancient protectors, The Wolves of Vangandra.

If the cultist catches her, they’ll end all existence… Can she trust the wolf and face this evil head on?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban