Wizard of the Wasteland

by Jon Cronshaw

Abel survived the apocalypse but drugs nearly killed him. He scratches out a living scavenging for anything of value until he witnesses something incredible…the Wizard of the Wasteland.

When Abel joins the travelling showman, passing off pre-apocalypse technology as objects of magic and intrigue, they come upon a horrifying sight: a group of children enslaved by the brutal drug gang The Family.

As he and the wizard take on the challenge of freeing the slaves, Abel must resist the temptations of a world without hope. To keep the kids from reliving his miserable existence, he’ll have to risk everything. Even having the wizard on his side may not be enough…

Wizard of the Wasteland is a dystopian survival novel. If you like unforgettable characters, gripping action, and new takes on survival tales, you’ll love this series.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Knight of the Wasteland

by Jon Cronshaw

In a wasteland ravaged by dust storms and poisonous rains, Abel has survived feral dogs, raiders, and drug addiction…but he’s done with just surviving — now, he wants to start living.

When Abel stumbles across a boy suffering from the same addiction that almost killed him, he takes the kid under his wing and offers him a new life…a life free from drugs.

But when a brutal drug gang comes after the kid, Abel must risk everything to keep him safe and end The Family’s reign of terror, or die trying.

Set generations after the fall of civilization, Knight of the Wasteland is the follow-up to Jon Cronshaw’s gripping debut, Wizard of the Wasteland.

For fans of The Road, Alas, Babylon, and The Stand. If you like emotional post-apocalyptic novels with thrilling action, vivid dystopian landscapes, and unforgettable characters, you’ll love Knight of the Wasteland.

Previously $2.99