Wizard Defiant

by Rodney Hartman

Wizard Defiant is an epic adventure blending the best of science fiction and fantasy into a tale of courage, sacrifice, and friendship.

Cadet Richard Shepard, a first-year student at the Intergalactic Empire’s Wizard Scout Academy, is teamed with Nickelo, a one-of-a-kind, advanced prototype battle computer. Working together, they excel at the technology and psionic abilities that make wizard scouts the Empire’s elite soldiers.

When war breaks out with the Crosoian Federation, Richard is sent to a magic dimension to help an elf priestess defeat a demon and its army of undead. Trained at the academy to fight armored vehicles, phase beams, and attacking starships, he finds himself in unfamiliar territory. With the fate of two galaxies on the line, he must use his wizard scout skills and newly acquired battle suit to overcome a host of dragons, magic-using demons, trolls, and ghouls.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Wizard Cadet

by Rodney Hartman

Wizard scouts are the elite, deep-recon forces of the Intergalactic Empire. They are a mix of technology and psionic abilities.

Cadet Richard Shepard is on assignment to retrieve a defecting scientist on a planet deep behind enemy lines. With a deadly Crosioian scout hot on his trail, he soon finds himself stuck with a couple of super-genius children who may hold a secret that could mean the salvation or destruction of three galaxies. Between dodging plasma rounds from heavily armored Crosioian soldiers to battling werewolves, ogres, magic users and deadly dimension-shifting cats the size of lions, Richard soon finds himself far outside his original mission parameters.

Will wizard scout training prevail, or is Richard doomed to fail? His only hope may well be to find allies in the most unlikely of places. Of course, a liberal sprinkling of luck wouldn’t hurt either.

Previously $4.99