Winston Chase and the Alpha Machine (Book 1)

by William Van Winkle

Winston’s biggest fear had always been the school bully. Turns out, waking up to being a half-alien freak was worse.

Why? Oh, maybe the bruises that glow neon blue. Or the even higher odds of being rejected by his dream girl. Or, best of all, the sudden attention from gun-toting goons in dark suits.

Winston’s mom thinks some junk left by Winston’s long-missing father in a safe deposit box might make things better. Not likely.

It’s going to take more than alien artifacts and a plastic baggie of clues to stop a mysterious government organization. It might take Winston giving up everything he’s ever wanted. And everyone.

Armed only with his wits, his snarky best friend, and a few wicked new abilities, Winston has to stay one step ahead of a lunatic and dive into the past. Otherwise, there won’t be a future.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure