Wings of Honor

by Craig Andrews

Piloting drone fighters from inside the fleet’s most durable ships, drone pilots wage space battles thousands of kilometers away. For years they have held the invading Baranyk at bay, but when the alien enemy develops a new weapon that renders the fleet’s drone fighters inoperable, humanity is on the verge of destruction.

Callan “Coda” O’Neil joined the Fleet Academy with dreams of becoming a prestigious drone pilot and restoring honor to his disgraced family. Fleet Command, however, has other ideas.

To counter the alien weapon, Commander Chadwick Coleman is assembling an experimental new squadron that will place real pilots in the cockpit of real starfighters. And he wants Coda to be part of it.

With the enemy pressing in, and forced to train under impossible conditions, Coda and his fellow wingmen must learn to fly as one. Failure means the destruction of the human race.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military

Wings of Mourning

by Craig Andrews

For months The Forgotten have been humanity’s last line of defense against a terrifying alien invasion. Their success is marveled, their bravery unmatched. But they can only hold the enemy back for so long.

Callan “Coda” O’Neil fought impossible odds to restore honor to his family name. But he’s exhausted and pushed to his limits. With his squadron’s numbers dwindling against the enemy’s continued onslaught, he fears he won’t be able to finish the job.

Commander Coleman, leader of their experimental squadron, counts the days until reinforcements arrive. Using his training curriculum, the fleet is training new pilots, and the first wave of graduates will arrive soon.

When the enemy mysteriously retreats to Baranyk space, surrendering hard fought systems, Fleet Command has questions. The Forgotten are ordered to investigate. Their discovery will shake the Sol Fleet to its very core.

Previously $3.99