Windwalker: Forbidden Flight

by H.G. Chambers

Winged raptors, deadly sandstorms, and a rebellious girl who breaks all the rules.

Sixteen-year-old Kiva Fariq has always dreamed of soaring on the four-winged raptors that scour the desert skies. But women are strictly forbidden from joining the Windwalker Sect. What’s more, the aggressive predators are said to kill any woman attempting to bond them.

Undeterred, Kiva attempts the perilous trials in secret. Should she survive, she will face an even greater challenge: bonding a raptor of her own.

When signs of an ancient enemy appear upon the plains, Kiva desires more than ever to protect her people. But the threat is closer than anyone realizes, and will soon bury them all in a tomb of sand and stone—unless she can stop it.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age