Widowmaker Outpost

by I.O. Adler

A remote outpost in the savage wastes goes dark.
When the ruling corporations of Earth’s last free city cover up the incident, Dawn Moriti is hired to discover the fate of a lost researcher.
Her client is her sister, a genetically engineered soldier who threatened to kill her if they ever ran into each other again. The missing researcher? Their kid brother Pascal.
Together, they will have to set aside their differences and navigate the tangled web of a corrupt corporation with a private military.
Dawn soon learns the research station has stumbled upon a secret someone in New Pacific is willing to kill to protect. Between death squads, shady cops, and her lethal sister, finding Pascal may cost her everything.
If you like electrifying action and captivating characters surviving a ruthless post-apocalyptic world, you’ll love this novel.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk