Whiskey Witches

by F.J. Blooding

Detective Paige Whiskey finds herself ensnared in a web of ancient rivalries and deadly secrets. The demonic killer she had bartered with to save Dexx’s life is back. But this time, Sven has a different game to play.

He unfurls a tapestry of the arcane as he kidnaps victims, revealing realms of the paranormal Paige never believed existed. With every shifter he marks, the lines between ally and enemy blur.

Now, Paige faces a heart-wrenching decision: to uphold the fragile treaty between witches and shifters or to plunge them all into chaos. Her badge, her life, and the fate of those she’s grown to care for hang in the balance.

In a world where the moonlight reveals more than just shadows, will Detective Whiskey uncover the truth behind the magick? Or will she be consumed by the very darkness she fights against? Dive into a tale where every choice has a price, and love intertwines

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban