Where the Moon Has Been

by Judith Lepore

Young mortal Tekoah wants a quiet life, but is hurtled into danger after attracting the attention of two lethal shapeshifting sorcerers. One is smitten with her and the other wants her dead. Zant’s sole aim–eternal power. But Tekoah’s clan of Anniste Healers stand in his way, becoming a target in his deadly plan. Moody Braith is younger, but his magic threatens to surpass that of any sorcerer ever spawned. His vulnerability: a hopeless passion for Tekoah.
Both sorcerers face their own impending demise from “the Mantling” an apocalyptic solar eclipse predicted to end the tyrannical Age of Sorcerers. As a momentous clash between the wizards approaches, and war with the neighbouring country of Berlot looms looms ever closer, Tekoah must make a choice: save herself or help her clan.
Set in the mythical land of Miraven, this is a haunting tale of obsession and revenge.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic