When They Whisper

by M.B. Kruger


“We rule or we exterminate.” – Emperor Arend

If Max could only accept the Silver rule that controls everything from his work to his shower time, his life on the desert planet of Gandar 5 would be fine. But he wants more; he just doesn’t know what that is, or how to get it. When his mentor is threatened with a legal sentence that will kill him, his comfortable controlling existence is shattered, and Max has to make a decision that will change his entire life.


Manfred stands proud as he watches his son train in the courtyard. As a Chosen One, he cannot bear the thought of his son inheriting a universe that does not live up to the Towers ideals he upholds. After destroying the last bastion of the rebellion on Gandar 5, he thought his son’s future was secured, but corruption from planets across the sectors have led to instability and looming e

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera