What’s Left of My World: A Story of a Family’s Survival

by C. A. Rudolph

Ever since Lauren Russell was little, her father had taught her to survive outdoors and how to protect herself and those around her using firearms and situational awareness. Some of the training had been extreme. Or had it been?

Her skills now serve an essential purpose: keeping her and her loved ones alive amidst a society in collapse.

Lauren’s father had done everything he could to prepare his family for the future’s uncertainties and hadn’t come home on the day the world changed forever; leaving his family to endure the horrors of life in his absence.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

This We Will Defend: The Continuing Story of a Family’s Survival

by C.A. Rudolph

In What’s Left of My World, a precarious surprise attack had left the community in a state of repair and reevaluation. Even now as the community rebuilds and continues their livelihood, a new, more sinister enemy is lying in wait—and it poses a threat more dangerous than anything the community has encountered before.

A fight is coming to Trout Run Valley and every person living there knows it. Previous encounters with their new enemy had foretold the tale. Before the collapse, Lauren Russell had learned many skills necessary to fight and to survive. Her father had made certain that she’d been trained to be a warrior and to preserve her way of life, along with the lives of everyone she knows and loves, she will have to become one.

Previously $2.99