What the Frost?

by Ben Wolf

Zombie Reindeer…
Exploding Puffins…
It’s a Christmas Catastrophe!

Awakened by bloodcurdling screams, Santa Claus springs into action to stop a lethal sickness from infecting his reindeer—only to learn that he’s already too late. Christmas is all but ruined.

But when a disgraced alcoholic Christmas elf offers to retrofit the sleigh with highly advanced technology, Santa’s hope of saving Christmas is renewed.

With a solid plan in place, they hitch the sole surviving reindeer to Santa’s sleigh and prepare to launch into the blustery night—until Father Time interrupts Santa’s plans with an ultimatum that could kill Christmas forever.

Will Santa cave to Father Time’s outrageous demands? Or can he withstand the threat long enough to rewrite history itself? Most importantly of all, can Santa save Christmas?

Curl up with a mug of heavily spiked eggnog and read this now!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban