What Remains

by Cathy Moeschet

Why take death for an answer?

That question haunts Anthony Rossi. His job? He removes black market organs from the newly dead for transplantation.

Anthony’s fed up, and dreams of a way out and a new life with the girl of his dreams.

When a co-worker suggests that transplanted body parts may have cell memory – the ability to keep memories and personality traits of the deceased donor to the living recipient – Anthony is skeptical. That is, until his fiancée is killed in a freak accident and, ends up on an autopsy table at his job.

Anthony tracks down a woman who receives her organs, desperately hoping he hasn’t lost the love of his life forever.

But things go horribly wrong one night. Anthony goes on the run and discovers that not only do human cells possess a power of communication that is stronger and darker than he ever imagined, but they’re holding one hell of a grudge..

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary