Well of Furies

by Craig DeLancey

The most feared world in the galaxy: The Well of Furies. From this planet, the godlike Ulltrians waged war on all life among the stars.

Long thought dead, the Ulltrians have returned. All the inhabited worlds–including Earth–are now in danger. Only one military force can stop the Ulltrians: the Predator Corp.

Amir Tarkos is one of the only humans in the Predator Corp. With his partner Bria, a bear-like carnivore, Tarkos is given a dangerous and difficult mission: locate the World Hammer, a pair of co-orbiting sunless planets that are the last refuge of the Ulltrians. But to find the World Hammer, they first must brave the dangers of the Ulltrian homeworld, the Well of Furies.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera