Welcome to the Free World

by Lloyd Raleigh

A “Superior Dystopian Thriller” (Booklife, Editor’s Choice), Welcome to the Free World is a powerful, story of a young man’s awe-inspiring journey as he faces the brunt of climate change and malicious AI.

Will Robin’s life spirals out of control and is consumed by mayhem. As water runs out in western cities, Lake Mead drops below Dead Pool, and American refugees head east by the millions, Will attempts to help but is thwarted by an AGI avatar named Aja.

With our uncertain and anxiety-ridden near future as Will Robin’s arena, this startling novel shows us the power one person can have during our darkest hours.

Join Will on his journey as he aims to topple authoritarian governments, malicious corporations, and break the shackles they use to bind us. Yet, despite these pure intentions, the cost and loss may just cripple him.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian