Wealth of Time

by Andre Gonzalez

When you fight the past, the past fights back.

Imagine having the power to change your past. Would you journey down the rabbit hole?

Martin Briar is a middle-aged postal worker in Larkwood, Colorado, dragging himself through a troubled life. He receives an invitation to the opening of a new antique shop in town – one that can sell you whatever you desire.

Not much later, Chris Speidel, who runs the shop, divulges a secret: he sells time travel opportunities. Martin, haunted by the disappearance of his daughter two decades earlier, jumps at the chance to investigate what happened. So begins Martin’s new life and his new world in 1996 and a beautiful middle school teacher named Sonya Griffiths, who becomes the love of Martin’s life – a life that transgresses all the normal rules of time.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Warm Souls

by Andre Gonzalez

A single choice can change your life.

Grappling with the truth of his daughter’s disappearance, Martin Briar uncovers the disturbing price of his decision to continue as a member of a secret society.

With his new girlfriend by his side, life begins to finally show signs of a hopeful future . . . until he discovers nothing is what it seems. Diving back to the past on a new adventure, Martin unveils hidden truths about those toying with his life.

Faced with the ultimate crossroads, he must decide where to devote his loyalty, knowing the wrong decision can lead to his demise.

Previously $3.99