Water Rites

by J.R. Pearse Nelson

Growing up. Shifter style. Vardon knows why Lorelei dreams of the sea. But how do you tell the girl you like she’s not human?

Lorelei’s dreams would keep anyone up at night. But other than nightmares, her biggest worries are AP Calculus tests and whether her team will make the state swimming championships. Oh, and the boy who offered study help, with a certain expression in his eyes that said it wasn’t about studying at all.

Life is good.

Until she finds out what she is.

That revelation is thanks to the boy with the hungry eyes. The only one she can trust now.

And then there’s the stranger, the shadow who seems to be everywhere Lorelei is. Even in her mind and dreams.

Her identity turned upside down, the surprises show no sign of slowing yet…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by J.R. Pearse Nelson

In the centuries old struggle for territory between selkies and finfolk, Lorelei is something new. Can she survive the novelty?

Crestfallen is the second book in the Water Rites fantasy trilogy, where there’s more to sea storms and the ocean’s depths than we mere human mortals understand. Where the legends live on, some of them hiding in plain sight, in your town and mine.

Secrets, once uncovered, can change everything.
With her finfolk powers blooming and her sealskin lost, Lorelei must find a different way of living. One that challenges all she knew about herself, humanity…and fear.

But trouble is coming. Selkies and finfolk are enemies for a reason, and Lorelei’s very existence is forcing change.

Fighting through the storm may be the only way to forget the “normal” girl she left behind and face the woman she’s become.

Previously $4.99

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