Warrior of the Stars

by Lucee Joie

Sometimes, in the corporate world, the only way to find love is to be abducted by aliens.

Beth is a corporate lawyer who wants to be anywhere but in her current position. With a job that supplies financial stability at the expense of love, she wishes for a new and exciting life — until she is abducted from Earth and forced into a breeding program she never signed up for.

Horgeer is a handsome alien tasked with helping his dying race to survive. When he wins his human breeder in the Galactic Lottery, he never expects to find love in such a harsh environment.

Warrior of the Stars is the first book in the Galactic Union series. If you like strong female leads who are craving love and hunky aliens that are after the same thing, then this series ticks all of the boxes.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact