War of the Black Tower

by Jack Conner

Epic fantasy by bestselling author Jack Conner.

For centuries the allied kingdoms of the Crescent Alliance have been at war with the dark power that rules over Oslog, the black land to the south of the Crescent, but now that stalemate is about to break. The Dark One has named Baleron, the youngest son of the king of Havensrike and a notorious womanizer and cad, as the bringer of the war to usher in his dominance, known to those of the Alliance as the End Times.

Baleron, whether he wants to or not – and he really doesn’t – is cursed to bring about the end of everything he holds dear. Not willing to give in to this fate, he throws it off at every opportunity and tries to find a way to overcome it, but around him the wheels of war begin to turn, and before he knows it he’s embroiled in the last great war between the forces of light and dark . . .

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Category: Fantasy – Epic