Wandering Star

by Michael Wallace

As ruler of the ancient city of Quintana, Lord Carbón enjoys privilege that others can only envy. His wealth comes from coal mined atop the plateau and shipped over the Great Span, a bridge built during a period of super science.

When a strange artifact appears in the mines, spawning shadowy witherers, the discovery draws the attention of the Luminoso cult. The cult hoards scientific knowledge, determined to bring about another golden age and crush any who meddle with their privileges.

After cultists threatens to close the mine and the bridge, Carbón forms a secret group of his own, led by his servant and the patriarch of a rival family, who is torn between loyalty to a layabout son and his responsibilities for the Great Span. But their true enemy may not be cultists, but a hidden figure in their midst, who would use the crisis to seize the Luminoso and the city that supports it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure