Walls of Wind and The Occasional Diamond Thief

by Jane Ann McLachlan

Two full-length SF novels for .99c

What if males and females were two separate species? Within their shared city-state, the Ghen and Bria struggle to live together. But when Briarris learns the terrible secret at the heart of their civilization, everything changes. The attacks on their city walls take on a sinister new meaning.

“If you read no other “alien” authors this year, don’t miss WALLS OF WIND.” ~ Bookreporter

Kia’s father was never the same after he returned from lock-down on Malem, a planet ravaged by a lethal form of coronavirus. Haunted by nightmares and recurring fevers, he refuses to speak about Malem. The only way Kia can discover what happened to her father during the epidemic is to visit Malem—but what if her vaccination doesn’t protect her from the virus?

Winner of the 2016 Book Publishers Award for Science Fiction.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary