Waking Iceman

by CR Wahl

An 8000-year-old mystery is about to be solved—by the witness himself.

Two mountain climbers in the French Alps have made a startling discovery—a perfectly preserved frozen Neolithic human. But who was this Iceman, what was he doing high on a glacier 8000 years ago, and why was he carrying a strange metallic cylinder?

Archaeologists can only speculate, but neuroscientist Doctor Lisa Cho knows a better way. Young and ambitious, Dr. Cho is at the threshold of developing technology capable of replicating the neural pathways of the human brain and has devised an audacious plan; she wants to wake the Iceman and let him provide the answers to his past.

But is she ready for what she will find?

If you love hard science fiction, adventure, and a love story, then the journey you’ll take reading the fast-paced chapters of Waking Iceman will keep you reading late into the evening.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure