Waite on the Ripper

by John C. Campbell


Evil has invaded my city!

I’m Harmon Waite, a Texas-born private investigator. When Jenny Summers is murdered, her wealthy father demands I find her killer. Then hunter becomes hunted, and my world descends into a living nightmare. I can’t stop, or the blood of The Ripper’s next victim will be on my hands.

Fortunately, fate brings me together with two extraordinary warriors. Smoke is a mountain of a man, part Cherokee, part healer. Eirian is an incomparable swordmaster. With them at my side, I might even stand a chance against The Ripper.

Of course, that’s when the fallen angel shows up.

“Waite on the Ripper” is an intense, roller-coaster ride of a story. It is the first in a series of escalating adventures that will lead Harmon Waite inevitably into “The Celestial Wars”.

The soul-blessed worlds will never be the same.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College