Voiders Vol I: Antellier

by Ellory Gillis-McGinnis

Voiders are responsible for the 35th century’s most dangerous deep-space search and rescue, security, and salvage, operating in the most remote locations known to man.

Antellier is a tiny moon at the edge of the explored galaxy harboring ancient secrets. Communication with the research installation there has been mysteriously cut off, leaving one hundred scientists and engineers unaccounted for.

The Voiders were sent in to find out why, but nothing could have prepared them for this. An alien evil has awoken, and it’s the perfect predator: by the time you see it, you’re already dead. No place is safe, and time is running out.

The veteran Voider Claire Reavis will be tested to her limits while investigating what happened to her best friend who was among those lost on Antellier. The answer might not be the one she was looking for, and its price will be steeper than she imagined.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure