Villain Core

by John Stovall

Sam Smith, the biggest superhero fanboy ever, was excited to get super powers… until his first evening as a crime fighter meant dealing with the villain Exosuit.

Then Sam died. It was a heroic death, but still not how Sam imagined things going.

To his surprise, Sam wakes as a “Villain Core”—the A.I. behind superhero training centers. He’s quickly informed that an equal number of superheroes and supervillains will be created for an intergalactic competition over the control of Earth, and Sam must prepare his side—the superheroes—for this grand war.

Which is awesome, up until Sam learns the supervillains are cheating.

With the aid of his A.I. assistant, Melissa, and a superhero team run by Sam’s old friend, Lucas Lee, now the hero Fury Fist, Sam must grow his training center to become the most powerful Villain Core ever.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure