Shadows of Kiev

by Eliza Tilton

After accompanying his father to a Slavic settlement to investigate strange tales of the undead, Folkvarr discovers that not only do the dead walk, but the whole forest seems to want his kind dead. When his father is kidnapped by the magical rusalka, there’s only one person who can help, and Vikings and Slavs just don’t mix.

Ever since her parents were slaughtered by Vikings, Agna has feared and hated the Northmen. When a voldak attacks her in the woods, she realizes the dead are much more terrifying than Vikings. Putting aside the hate and distrust, she decides to help the young Viking and stop the madness invading her home.

With generations of dislike running through their veins, Folkvarr and Agna must embrace their growing desire and work together in order to save both their people from the rising dead.

But sometimes love isn’t enough & it can’t stop what’s about to come.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical